The two sports that Julia Roberts practices to have a wicked body 55 .

The two sports that Julia Roberts practices to have a wicked body 55 .

More than three decades have passed since the premise of Pretty Woman, but Julia Roberts’ body is almost the same. At 55, the actress boasts that she has one of the most toned bodies in Hollywood and, most interestingly, without overwhelming herself in the gym. It’s not like Elsa Pataky, who follows a strict routine to avoid the enviable display, or Pilar Rubio, who used to kick ass to get that big body. And this, my friends, is worth knowing.

Another of the confessions he has made recently is that he does not follow any strict standards of cleanliness. He doesn’t avoid carbohydrates or follow a low-calorie diet, but he tries to eat healthy without going crazy. But what will the judgment do? Genetics are not powerful.

Well, the actress practices two (we could call it) modal sports that transform her body, taking care that her muscles, bones and joints do not suffer any injury. Gyrotonic and Cardio are two exercises that you can also follow if you want to be like him.

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Gyrotonics is a combination of exercises that combine movements from dance, tai chi, swimming and gymnastics. It is the perfect training to tone muscles and joints and sculpt rebellious areas. This method is carried out on gym equipment (a system of turntables, ropes, weights and pulleys) so that it can be easily adapted to the needs of each person’s body, physical constitution and strength.

Julia Roberts in a black dress / Gtresonline

Movements, circular, undulating and spiral, are complex exercises that manage to exercise all parts of the body, helping to improve posture, coordination and flexibility, improve strength and physical resistance, improve blood circulation and help fight fluid retention. among other benefits.

It is a variation of gyrotonics for which no engines are required. It’s about Gyrokinesis, which uses breathing and visualization to create movement without any kind of equipment. It is based on gradually performing a series of natural movements of the spine that helps to work the whole body. Rhythmic and wave exercises that improve physical and emotional well-being.

Exercise sequences include fluid spinal movements such as circles and spiral twists, with elements such as extended hand and arm movements inspired by yoga postures and tai chi-like exercises. It works by stimulating the energy centers through gentle and continuous movements, similar to those of a massage, which penetrate the nerves of the muscles, releasing tension.

Julia Roberts in a black dress and barefoot / Gtresonline

Cardio action

During the filming of the first series of Amazon’s Homecoming, Roberts managed to achieve greatness without going to the gym, simply by doing many different daily activities, which are usually passive.

This way you avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do cardiovascular exercise reluctantly. This is to ask how to turn passive daily activities into active ones, to take advantage while you wait for the water to boil to do a series of rowing and thus burn calories while simultaneously toning your legs, hips and abdomen.

“It’s called cardio and it’s simple to get used to everyday activities.” Talking on the phone while moving, wearing heels and climbing stairs all day … I really lost a lot of breath!

There are small changes in your day to day that will make you feel more active, you will do cardiovascular exercise and it won’t take up too much time. Because of our hectic pace of life we ​​don’t always find time to go to the gym. With this trick you can make the most of your time while staying in shape.


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