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The type of test that tells you if you have psychopathic traits

Many of the traits we see in leaders, such as courage, domineering behavior, and resistance to stress, are also characteristic of psychopaths.

According to a 2016 study by Bond University psychologist Nathan Brooks, between 3% and 21% of CEOs are likely to be psychopaths. In 2021, fortune found out that 12% of senior managers companies in the United States He displayed psychopathic traits.

Really, Most of the people show some common symptoms of this mental disorderSuch as superficiality, smooth talk or promiscuity, among others, and this does not make them psychopaths.

According to cnbcAlthough one in 5 business leaders may exhibit these tendencies, a certain “Degrees of non-conformity and unconventionality” can help drive innovation.

These are the world’s most psychopathic professions, according to science

The standard screening test for possible psychopaths is Hare’s Psychopathy Rating Scale. This examination involves an interview by a doctor of people who may be suffering from the disease. doctor scores the patient according to 20 criteriasuch as “promiscuous sexual behavior” or “impulsivity.”

Within each criterion, the indicator is graded on a 3-point scale: (0: not implemented, 1: partially implemented, 2: fully implemented).

The scores are added up to make a range from zero to 40 and get whatever A score of 30 or more is probably a psychopath.

The test is intended to be performed by a professional psychologistBut if you really want to own it (or guess the psychological makeup of your boss) then these are the questions you need to answer:

1. Do you have excessive talkativeness or superficial charm?

Sean Connery In The Original 'James Bond' Film.

(Psychopaths do.)

17 Tips for Detecting and Leaving an Atheist

2. Do you have a sense of self-worth?

Donald Trump, Former President Of The United States.

(Psychopaths have.)

A Study Suggests There Are 2 Types of Narcissists, “Vulnerable” and “Bombastic”: These Are the Main Differences That Mark Them

3. Do you need to be doing something all the time or are you prone to boredom?

The Sadness.

(Psychopaths cannot tolerate periods of depression.)

That indescribable restlessness that has accompanied you for almost 2 years is called lethargy: 4 psychologists explain how to recognize it and overcome the feeling of losing hope for everything

4. Is he a pathological liar?


(Psychopaths don’t care about the truth.)

11 surefire tricks to spot a liar

5. Is he a scammer or a manipulator?

The Film 'Catch Me If You Can'.

(Psychopaths often believe they can command and control those around them at will.)

How to Spot a Bullying at Work, According to Experts

6. Does he show a lack of remorse or guilt?


(Psychopaths don’t feel bad when they do bad things.)

6 Signs That You’re Dating A Psychopath, According To An Expert

7. Do you have superficial sympathy?


(Psychopaths display a lack of emotion in situations where an empathetic response is expected.)

5 Phrases That Reveal Emotional Immaturity

8. Are you insensitive or lacking in empathy?

Nonchalant People.

(Psychopaths simply don’t care when bad things happen to other people.)

Deep empathy: The personality trait that may be more dangerous than psychopathy or narcissism, according to scientists

9. Is your lifestyle parasitic?


(Psychopaths don’t want to work for a living, they find it easier to take things from other people.)

It may be the world’s most successful parasite: an estimated 1 in 3 people is infected with Toxoplasma and there is no cure to eradicate it from the body.

10. Do you have little control over your temper and behaviour?


(Psychopaths find it difficult to control themselves when things upset them.)

If you’re having problems managing your emotions and they’re affecting your daily life, this treatment may help.

11. Do you have a history of promiscuous sexual behavior?

'Basic Instinct' Movie.

(Psychopaths are one-night stands.)

There’s No ‘Normal’ Amount Of Sex, So You Can Stop Worrying

12. Have you had a history of behavioral problems as a child?

Behavioral Problems In Childhood.

(As children, psychopaths are often very cruel to others.)

Negative effects on children of increased screen use during the pandemic include depression, hyperactivity or attention problems

13. Do you lack realistic long term goals?

Angela Kelly Celebrates Winning The Biggest Uk Lottery Jackpot In 2007.

(Psychopaths prefer schemata to life or career goals.)

Demanding managers set strict goals for the people who work for them, according to a study

14. Are you very impulsive?

Shoppers Are More Wary Of Cameras In Stores Than Cookies When Shopping Online.

(Psychopaths are very, very impulsive.)

7 tricks to hack your brain and avoid impulse buying

15. Do you have a high degree of irresponsibility?

The Film '101 Dalmatians'.

(Psychopaths are very prone to not doing the right thing.)

30 Subtle Signs Someone You Know Might Actually Be a Bad Person, According to Internet Experts

16. Do you not accept responsibility for your actions?

Not Accepting Responsibilities.

(When you’re a psychopath, it’s always someone else’s fault.)

Here’s How To Keep An Argument With A Narcissist From Getting Out Of Hand

17. Have you had many short term relationships?

Short Term Relationship.

(Psychopaths have an inability to commit in long-term relationships or repeatedly cheat.)

12 Scientific Facts About Infidelity All Couples Should Know

18. Do you have a history of juvenile delinquency?

Child Crime.

(Psychopaths become psychopaths at a young age.)

15 Scientific Studies That Show The Name You Give Your Kids Makes A Difference In Success Or Failure

19. Has your parole ever been revoked?

In This Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013 Photo, A Prison Inmate Is Brought Into An Inmate Housing Unit In Madera, Calif.

(Even when psychopaths get a break when they get out of prison on parole, they screw it up.)

This is the world’s most pleasant prison: An island where prisoners do not stay behind bars

20. Does he show criminal versatility?

Criminal Versatility.

(Psychopaths differ from ordinary criminals in that they don’t really care what kind of law they break: they can break any of them given the right circumstances.)

17 strange laws of the world

how’s it going?

If you scored above 30 (meaning you answered “somewhat” or “completely” to most of these questions), it’s possible that the person you’re thinking about is a psychopath. If your score is low, it’s probably not a psychopath.

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