The unexpected reunion between Vicky Xipolitakis and Javier Naselli

The unexpected reunion between Vicky Xipolitakis and Javier Naselli after their controversial split

After this whole situation, this weekend the panelist surprised everyone by meeting her ex-husband, with whom he and Salvador both planned a family. “Vicky Xipolitakis and Naselli with their son in a playground, the account @gossipeame wrote and posted the photo of the moment.

“It makes me happy for them; many times it takes water under the bridge to mend bonds,” In the picture, both of them can be seen next to the small one among the game machines.

Vicky Xipolitakis meets Javier Naselli

Serious judicial failure for Vicky Xipolitakis for piloting an airplane

This Wednesday at Afternoon (America TV), Vicky Xipolitakis announced a judicial failure in case he entered the cabin of an airplane during takeoff.

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The incident occurred on June 22, 2015, when the media woman made a landing maneuver at Rosario airport and a family of passengers accused her of “damage and loss.” The plaintiffs asked for 2 million pesos, and this Wednesday they reached an agreement with the insurance company.

Xipolitakis, for the first time, paid a fine of 20 thousand pesos and performed 295 hours of community work in a parish in Lanús, as part of the agreement for a summary trial in which he pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, the pilots, Patricio Zocchi Molina and Federico Matías Soaje, were fired for negligence.

Now, in the cycle led by Karina Mazzoccojournalists Diego Esteves reported: “The agreement between Vicky Xipolitakis, the pilot and co-pilot, and a family that sued them for damages that claimed two million pesos was recently approved.”

“This claim started in 2019, but they reached an agreement with the insurance company they had for the plane trip.” defined and emphasized: “It is an agreement of 600 thousand pesos.”