The unique traditions of this tribe give everyone sleepless nights


This world is colorful. It has different forms. In one place, mourning is celebrated, and at the same time, happiness is also celebrated. Many types of fruits, flowers, trees, plants, people, and animals of different kinds and types live here.

The caste tradition is very unique

Man is a social animal and behaves according to his community. He must follow the rules and regulations of the community he joins. Any community can have its own rules. These rules can be good or bad. We will give you information about one such tribe whose tradition is very unique.

This tribe is found in Indonesia

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The name of this tribe is Dani. It can be found in the city of Wamin in the province of Jayawijaya in Indonesia. There is a strange tradition associated with this tribe that they have been following for a long time. Whenever there is a death in any of their religions, the fingers of the women of that house are cut off. Although it was banned by the government many years ago, this tradition is still followed secretly.

That’s why women’s fingers are cut off

The belief behind following this tradition is that if a woman’s fingers are not cut off when someone dies in a person’s house, then her soul will not leave the house. Under this tradition, women’s fingers are cut off. It is also surprising that women cut the fingers of little girls who are at home with their own hands.

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kept mom

The people of this tribe also believe in the process of making mummies. When a person dies here, he is placed in a coffin like a mummy. There is a tradition of making mummies in many countries, from Egypt to China and Africa.

the women were bitten

Only the fingers of the women of the Dani tribe are cut off, but there is another tribe whose name is the Mursi. These people cut off the lower lip of women and insert an earthen plate or piece of wood into it. It is also known as a lip plate. Because of their special traditions, these people have become the center of attraction all over the world.

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