The UK and Norway will strengthen Ukraine’s naval presence in the Black Sea

The United Kingdom and Norway will strengthen Ukraine's naval presence in the Black Sea

New push in which Norway also participates in strengthening the presence of kyiv in the strategic Black Sea amid the war with Russia.

The British Ministry of Defense announced the acquisition by Ukraine of two ships of the Royal Navy within the framework of the so-called Maritime Capability Coalition, led by London and Oslo, and whose goal is to provide long-term support to military to strengthen the security of the Black Sea.

The focus of maritime operations has increased after almost two years of war in a context where Ukraine, seeking to use the route to export its grain, has targeted its attacks on the Black Fleet. Sea of ​​Russia, which is based on Crimean operations. peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014.

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“As an island nation with a proud maritime history, the United Kingdom and the Royal Navy are particularly well positioned to support this effort, forming part of a series of new coalitions formed between the allies to ensure a lasting military commitment to support Ukraine. , “said Defense Secretary Grant Shapps.

“These mine hunters will provide a vital capability to Ukraine, helping to save lives at sea and open up important export routes, which have been severely limited since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the his massive illegal invasion,” Shapps added.

“This capacity increase marks the start of a new dedicated effort by the UK, Norway and our allies to strengthen Ukraine’s maritime capabilities for the long term, improving its ability to -operate to protect its sovereign waters and strengthen security in the Black Sea,” added the official.

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According to official information, the coalition will also cooperate with the Ukrainian navy to expand its forces in the Black Sea, develop a Ukrainian Marine Corps and promote the use of river patrol vessels to protect the waterways of inland and coast.

The United Kingdom and Ukraine reached an agreement for the transfer of two minehunters in June 2021, before the Russian invasion. Ukrainian soldiers have been training on ships since last year, while London has also provided military training courses to around 20,000 Ukrainians in the past year.