The United Kingdom’s Eager Requirements to Attend Elizabeth II’s Funeral

The United Kingdom's Eager Requirements to Attend Elizabeth II's Funeral

when . 11 days passed to the palace of BUCKINGHAM Announced the death of Elizabeth II at Balmoral, the state funeral of the man who ruled the United Kingdom and Commonwealth for 70 years will take place at Westminster Abbey in London. would be a more than a mass eventsomething that England has not seen since the celebration of the death of Diana de Gales, since Felipe, The Duke of Edinburgh dies in the middle of the pandemic And the funeral was an intimate act with only a few family members. Now, however, protocol professionals are rushing to work out everything in detail.

Among the thousands of guests at Elizabeth II’s funeral will be heads of state from around the world, and therefore, Spain will be represented by Felipe VI and Queen Letizia instead of Pedro Sanchez, since each delegation can send only two people with few exceptions. Also, if official guests can’t attend, they’ll be in charge of nominating a substitute, but it’s hard to believe that someone decides not to attend this meeting of the most powerful people on the planet. now magazine politician Details the signs guests received before one of the most important events of the decade.

no private jets or helicopters

According to these signs, political leaders or the royal house would be in a very unusual position in their day to day, using commercial planes instead of private jets, and using public transport to get around the United Kingdom and London. Mayt. a good option would be to useUp to the metro line in honor of the Queen, which was inaugurated on the occasion of his Platinum Jubilee to mark 70 years of his rule. Because of their privileged status, most people attending funerals used to travel in private planes, but now they have to park them in their country of origin, like a helicopter. The vehicle has caused controversy, as now the heir and Prince of Wales, William, has been the savior of the fight against the climate emergency, while the use of helicopters is considered excessive.

King Felipe VI by Bus

If this was not enough for some politicians who were accustomed to move on their own and without restriction, they would have to leave their cars once in the British capital, as from their residence to Westminster AbbeyToo close to Big Ben, gotta go in enough, as Felipe and Letizia were on school trips with other emperors. Not everyone has taken it in a good mood. For example, as collected politicianAn ambassador from an unspecified country couldn’t believe the new king would let Joe Biden go, that when he came Madrid to NATO summit He was leading an eternal convoy in a bus.