The UK’s fisheries agreement will allow the EU to catch 388,000 metric tons of fish

El pacto de pesca con el Reino Unido permitirá a la UE capturar 388.000 toneladas de pescado en 2024

Brussels (EuroEFE) will catch tons of fish next year, the European Commission (EC) showed on Monday.

Brussels specified in a statement that the London agreement covers, in the northeast Atlantic, 85 total allowable catches (TAC), i.e., 85 maximum amounts of fish from specific areas that can be caught.

According to the community executive, the “almost” 388,000 tons of fish caught by the community fleet in accordance with the London agreement had an estimated value of 1,000 million euros based on historical wholesale prices adjusted for inflation.

The agreement was reached within the framework of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom, which regulates the relationship between the two parties after Brexit.

Besides, the EU, Norway, and the United Kingdom reached a trilateral agreement on fishing opportunities for shared fish stocks in the North Sea by 2024.

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This agreement established a total allowable catch of 915,000 tons, comprising the EU quota of around 415,000 metric tons of cod, haddock, stoker, whiting, plaice, and herring.”.

Likewise, the EU and Norway concluded bilateral consultations on shared stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak Strait and on quota sharing.

The Commission showed it The EU will be able to fish 9,983 metric tons of Arctic cod in 2024, while it will transfer 48,000 metric tons of blue whiting to Norway.

In the same way, the EU can fish up to 15,107 metric tons of Atlantic-Scandinavian herring in Norwegian waters, while the Nordic country gained access to Union waters to fish 150,000 metric tons of blue whiting.

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These agreements with third countries will be included in the agreement that EU Fisheries Ministers are currently negotiating to set fishing opportunities in the water of the community club during 2024.