The unknown link between Pincoya and Jordi Castell

The unknown link between Pincoya and Jordi Castell

It was in the program Podemos Hablar that they both remembered the episode that brought them together.

Last Friday, in the new edition of the program, I can say that an unknown link was revealed to exist between Pincoya and Jordi Castell.

In the Meeting Point section, while the Big Brother finalist tells an anecdote that he lives in Chiloé, the photographer takes the opportunity to remember that moment.


“With Pincoya, we have known each other for several years. When I came back (from Chiloé), I had to live with Pincoya, who at that time was already well-known on the island,” said the panelist of the Tal Cual program.

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After that, Jordi Castell revealed that “Pincoya helped me get it; I don’t know if it was a spell or a curse.But he brought me a woven witch; he told me to put it in a place, and since then everything has been prosperous.”.

At that moment, the face of the television asked the Chilote woman if she remembered that “you told me to pray,” and because of that, after listening to her, “it has worked for me until now. I have a lot of faith in the island, in the energy, in the spirituality that the island has.”.

According to the woven witch mentioned by Castell, the influencer commented, “I brought my witches to Kuya’s house; I gave it to urban singer Nicki Nicole. I took both, and one has been with me to this day.”.

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“They’re protective, so people always think that One is from the island, and they are afraid because it is a land of witches, myths, and legends., but the people who were there, not all of them practiced dark magic; there is healing, protection, and part of our culture,” he explained.