The upcoming tax increase in Mauritius

The upcoming tax increase in Mauritius

The municipalities of Bécancour and Louiseville are preparing to reveal their respective budgets this Monday and signs announce tax changes for taxpayers.

The City of Bécancour is experiencing rapid growth due to the development of the battery sector.

“We need to speed up housing development while ensuring human growth. Our goal is to prevent development that could harm the current residents of Bécancour,” said Mayor Lucie Allard.

However, the financial benefits of investments in the battery sector were not immediate for Bécancour.

The mayor announced that it will be necessary to wait until 2026, or even 2028, to fully benefit from the tax revenue generated by the factories that are being built in a few months.

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In Louiseville, the situation is less favorable, with limited growth opportunities and concerns about the impact of the Bécancour development on the city.

Mayor Yvon Deshaies fears that the industries of Louiseville will not be able to keep up with the development of Bécancour, fearing a disparity in wages and the loss of jobs in the southern coastal town.

“Will my industries here triple their wages? There are industries that cannot continue, that will close down. The good jobs will be in Bécancour,” lamented Mayor Deshaies.

The city of Louiseville is still hoping for permission to expand its industrial park, a wait that makes managing the budget more complicated because new revenues are limited.

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Elected officials from both cities will meet this week to finalize budget details, with official adoption of the budgets scheduled for Monday. This is when taxpayers discover the extent of the tax increase.