The upcoming Volkswagen Golf GTI, revealed

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen is preparing for a mid-cycle update of its iconic Volkswagen Golf GTI, and the first spy pictures have been revealed. Although the German brand has retained minimal camouflage on this model, the changes are noticeable to the naked eye.

On the front of the car you can see many visual changes. One of the most obvious changes is the red trim that extends above the headlights, thus emphasizing the style of said headlights. Besides, The GTI logo on the small grille has been repositioned and placed slightly lower, and the headlights have a new graphic layout. While the front bumper remains unchanged for now, it will almost certainly receive some updates come launch time.

The design of the Volkswagen Golf GTI changes only for small details

Volkswagen Golf Gti

As for the profile of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, it remains almost the same, including the decorations on the front fenders, door handles and side skirts. Of course, the new sports model of the Golf family will undoubtedly present new wheel options. The rear retains its overall design, although the rear lights feature a new arrangement and have red tape on them., at least in these spy pictures. The central part of the tailgate continues to be the space chosen by the German brand’s designers to include the VW and GTI logos.

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Although Volkswagen tried to keep the bumper changes a secret and minimize camouflage, spy photographers managed to capture the Golf GTI’s changes in detail.

There are no photos of the interior of the car in these photos taken by our spy photographers. But there is already information – and also rumors – that say that the German model may be included a new infotainment system with a 15-inch screen. It can be the same as already presented for the new next-generation Tiguan and Passat. The digital instrument cluster may also receive a software update. And we also expect the updated Volkswagen Golf GTI to offer a new steering wheel and possibly updated trim and upholstery options.

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No changes are expected in the Volkswagen Golf GTI engine

Vw Golf Gti Facelift 4 Motor16

Speaking of the mechanical side, there are speculations about the elimination of the manual transmission in the Golf GTI, something that has already happened in the United States, where the Golf GTi 380 will be the last to continue with a manual transmission. But it doesn’t seem to be happening here, in Europe. At least for now. It is not yet known if there will be changes in terms of the engine, although the most logical thing is to maintain the power and torque of the current model, which translates to 245 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque, generated by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The Golf GTI will remain front-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive will remain exclusive to the more powerful Golf R.

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Although the date of the presentation of the 2025 Golf GTI has not been officially announced, it is rumored that it can debut at the beginning of next year, and at the beginning of the year it can be used by marketers to continue writing the new pages of this pioneer’s history. . Golf GTI enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the revival of this true sports legend created by the German brand in 1975. A model leading eight generations of the German compact. And looking to the future, it is clear that it will try to keep it that way.


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