The US announces a new package of sanctions in retaliation for the deportation of Ukrainian children

The US announces a new package of sanctions in retaliation for the deportation of Ukrainian children

The US State Department this Thursday announced a new package of sanctions against eleven individuals and two organizations in retaliation for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian minors to Russian and Chechen territory.

“Children are the most innocent victims of war: we have not forgotten Ukraine’s minors. These sanctions underscore our commitment to upholding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and promoting accountability to Russian individuals and entities, as well as to the authorities involved in these atrocities,” the State Department said in a statement.

Specifically, Washington has “blacklisted” three individuals directly responsible for the deportations and holding the post of Commissioner for Children’s Rights: Galina Anatolevna Piatiy (Belgorod), Irina Anatolievna Ageeva (Kaluga), and Irina Alexandrovna Cherkasova ( Rostov).

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Other sanctions also include Mansur Mussaevich Soltaev, human rights chief of Chechnya, and Muslim Magomedovich Juchiev, former leader of the Russian Republic of Chechnya. Both participated in the conspiracy to facilitate the transfer of minors.

The sanctions also apply to institutions such as the Artek Federal State Budgetary Educational Institute, a summer camp that takes in Ukrainian children and forces them into “re-education” programs. Its director, Konstantin Albertovich Fedorenko, was also appointed.

The United States has imposed sanctions on six other individuals and organizations who were involved in this Moscow plan. This includes battalion commander Zamid Alievich Chalaev, who took part in the siege of the Azovstal Steel Plant and helped move Ukrainian minors to camps in Chechnya.

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Other names that pop up include Olena Oleksandrivna Shapurova, Minister of Education and Science in the occupied Zaporizhia region, and Vladimir Vladislavovich Kovalenko, board member of the National Movement of Young Army Cadets, which is responsible for militarization, propaganda and ‘Russification’ schoolchildren in the from Moscow occupied territories.

Finally, Washington has also included Vladimir Dmitrievich Nechayev, director of the Sevastopol State University in Crimea. She has also named the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, which oversees the “re-education of Ukrainian children in Chechnya,” and one of its board members, Aymani Nesievna Kadyrova, mother of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.


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