The US refuses to send ATACMS weapons to Ukraine

The US could arm Ukraine with long-range weapons to attack Russia in the Chersonese

Ukraine is asking the United States to use the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) to defend against a Russian invasion, but Washington is reluctant to provide this weapon.

ATACMS: the weapon is not provided in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly asked the US to deploy ATACMS, a strategic missile that would allow Ukrainian forces to attack Russian targets from a long distance. However, the US authorities do not want to provide this type of weapon due to its serious nature and the risk of crossing the “red line” according to the Kremlin.

Despite the denial, the United States transferred approximately $400 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine, including ammunition and launch vehicles. It is armed with additional weapons such as MLRS rockets, Sting missiles and HIARS launchers.

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US officials argue that providing ATACMS to Ukraine will affect US military readiness while reducing its stockpile of long-range missiles.

Russia: ATACMS on ships

The Kremlin has expressed concern that Washington could send weapons into Ukraine, calling it a “red line” to cross. The United States has maintained its position of not including arms transfers to Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine has evolved and its weapons have changed. Currently, Ukraine needs more anti-weapon and air defense capabilities to resist Russian advances.

Critics of the US plan argue that resources invested in Ukraine could be wasted in the region itself, while supporters of the ATACMS shipment argue that the investment in Kiev would be useless if the critical capability to resist Moscow was not needed.

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ATACMS in detail

Lockheed Martin has produced less than 4,000 units of the MGM-140 ATACMS missile. This surface-to-surface missile allows operators to have a large force to “win the deep battle”. Originally designed in the late 1980s, it entered service with the US Army in 1991.

The ATACMS weighs about 3,700 pounds, has a flight ceiling of 160,000 feet and a top speed of Mach 3. They were deployed in combat during operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and have been developed over the years in several variants. .


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