The Victoria’s Secret model showed off the unreal number in the session

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Candice Swanepoel, top model and Victoria’s Secret star, filmed a photo shoot to promote the recent launch of her swimsuit brand called Topic of C.

The brand’s Instagram account shared several shots from the session, including a photo in which the South African wore a skimpy two-piece swimsuit, consisting of a triangle bra with a front clasp. and a V-neckline.

She added a low-waisted bikini that was tied at the sides, as well as a mesh dress that showed off small pieces of clothing and her unique silhouette.

Almost all the new collection of dresses have similar designs and shades, including revealing mesh dresses, monokinis and bodysuits.

These dresses are also modeled by catwalk celebrities; C’s Instagram account features a number of designs that include bikinis and other small garments made in an “ecological” way, according to its website.

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She showed off her beauty with simple, yet glamorous makeup and style, with boho chic rings from her brand partner Jacquie Aiche and a pair of minimalist gold earrings.

Candice Swanepoel showed off her tousled blonde hair between her fingers with curly locks. For his part, the 35-year-old catwalk star showed off his beauty through makeup in tan tones, nude lipstick, smoky shadows on his eyelids, highlighted eyebrows and bronzed blush.

Like the rest of the sessions of the recent campaign, this photo was taken in a vintage style, with warm colors, inspired by the creative movement of Tropicalia in Brazil in the 60s.

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Another design modeled by the celebrity is a translucent mesh top with a sports bralette, a low-cut bikini and casual pants with tropical prints; The skimpy clothes accentuated her flat and defined stomach.

Candice dedicated her time and effort to the swimsuit brand she launched before the Victoria’s Secret shows were canceled due to the boycott; The model is one of the angels and main images for many years.

C Subject was created in collaboration with Swanepoel and VS Senior Vice President and Creative Director Daniela Manfredi while raising her first child in 2016.

In an interview she gave to Forbes, the supermodel said that it was her dream to create her own brand and that the birth of her son gave her the opportunity to explore the fashion market from a business perspective and as a designer.

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“I love photography, images and beauty in general. “I have been working and photographing swimming for many years, and as a way to keep my mind working during photo shoots, I analyze the product,” he said.