The Volkswagen ID.3 will be replaced in 2028 by a new electric Golf, a more classic and affordable proposal

The Volkswagen ID.3 will be replaced in 2028 by a new electric Golf, a more classic and affordable proposal

It is an open secret The Volkswagen ID.3 does not meet the expectations placed on its brand. The ambitious electric compact, burdened mainly by its high rate and the software problems it suffered in the first stages of its commercial life, was unable to raise its head despite significant styling which was received at the beginning of the year.

An example of this is the recent decision of the German group to reduce the number of transfers in the production chain of the ID.3 and CUPRA Born in the Zwickau plant, a decision that “ensures the productive operation and future viability of the site”. From now on, the two compact cars based on the MEB platform will be produced in two shifts instead of three.

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For its replacement, which is expected to see the light of day in 2028, Volkswagen isn’t taking any chances and reclaiming one of the most iconic names in its lineup: Golf. The ninth generation of bestseller The quintessential company will completely abandon internal combustion engines, becoming a 100% electric model.

Unlike the ID.3, which is based on the MEB platform, The electric Golf will use the new SSP, a very flexible architecture characterized, among other things, by the inclusion of an 800-volt electrical system. Thanks to this development, our protagonist is able to charge (10-80%) in approximately 12 minutes.

The electric Volkswagen Golf will be cheaper than the current ID.3

While the ID.3 is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, Its replacement is front-wheel drive due to cost.; In addition, this configuration will allow you to be lighter. From an aesthetic point of view, this would be a more classic proposal; In fact, Volkswagen itself has confirmed that the Golf’s roof is flatter than its predecessor.

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Of course, the mythical versions GTI they have continuity; In addition, it is not ruled out that there is also a model GTX with all-wheel drive. Above the GTI and GTX are Golf R, which will continue to be the strongest option in the range. What is not yet clear is whether the Variant estate body will remain in the catalog.

“The Golf is and remains an absolutely fundamental model for Volkswagen. The Golf and the whole (C) segment remain very popular in Europe. And I think that will continue to be the case. That’s why we bring also the Golf of the electric future. he just declared the head of the brand, Thomas Schäfer.

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