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‘The Wire’: An intriguing film that squeezes an extraordinary Cate Blanchett into giving us much more than we see

There are proposals for all tastes in the coming candidates for the Oscar for Best Picture. There will be people who have a few titles left — I’m pretty clear I’ll cross ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ out there — or who are missing others, but these are the ten the Academy has decided. are, because it happens One of them has finally arrived in Spanish cinemas this Friday, January 27th.

The film in question is ‘Taar’, the first feature film directed by Todd Field Since the premiere of ‘Secret Games’ in 2006. A comeback that has received near-unanimous acclaim from critics, but has had a hard time connecting with the public. A pity, because this is an excellent work that provides more than clear readings and has exceptional interpretation Cate Blanchett,

The Fall of Lydia Tarr

The interview with Lydia Tarr’s character during the first minutes of the film contains two particularly significant details. The first is the mention of how he controls the time when he is conducting an orchestra and the second is the fact that the Fifth Symphony MahlerWhy Hero has yet to record live to achieve a milestone in the world of music remains a mystery.

It is clear that this long section seems designed for us to get to know its protagonist more deeply, but Already the field begins to play with the viewer’s perceptionsomething that he will maintain throughout the footage, to the point that it is inescapable to wonder if what we see on screen actually happens.

On the one hand, we have the fact that Tar is a control freak, a logical characterization given her work and the heights she has risen to in it, but throughout the film we see how she loses it by then. until it reaches its climax in one scene. A priori from a dramatic point of view may seem a bit strange. And I can say because it can also be read as a way of representing that his protagonist has hit rock bottom, but I’m not entirely clear that this is Field’s intent, something that applies to many more details scattered throughout its bountiful footage.

I’m sure it will the curious result of Whatever aroused greater curiosity among a significant segment of the public and it is easy to see the idea of ​​looking into ‘the wire’ on the cancellation policy as a good finale, as the film can be read as It is the form of the naked eye. And thus this already remarkable work would be the easiest way to play all the time with doubts about what really happened.

other film layers

Tar Phantom

This is the first evidence that we are facing a complex proposition, as it is true that it is clear that Lydia Tarr is not a good person and there are countless details that are piling up to make it clear. However, not quite clear about the field what happened to christa Taylor, the presence that follows the protagonist at all times, has taken her own life before Blanchett’s character knows it.

Like this, There is some ghost film in ‘Tar’ too, but not so much to toy with the terror as to exert its influence on the psyche of its protagonist. That loss of control becomes more and more apparent and is also what forces the other characters to turn their backs on him. Everything there is calmly and carefully detailed so that its protagonist’s descent into hell is as progressive as it is inevitable.

However, Field also introduces elements throughout the story that raise a certain spectator discomfortBe it Lydia’s fleeting appearances, that enigmatic metronome, the inexplicable screams in the park or that key scene in which Chord goes in search of other music she’s clearly attracted to, all of a sudden vanishes.

Tar Film

All this leads to the fact that it is never completely clear whether what is happening is reality, fiction, or even some kind of hallucination of its protagonist., But Field achieves something miraculous at the same time, and that is that ‘Tar’ is by no means a confusing film. Obviously, if you go through the reading once there will be things that cannot be fully explained, but still there is ample scope to try to fit it all in somehow.

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This is where what I mentioned in the beginning about the two details comes into play. On the one hand, there is an option to read imagesfor the loss of control of its protagonist What surrounds it and the mystery is clear as soon as one wants to move a little beyond the work’s more traditional focus on the culture of cancellation, although there’s nothing wrong with sticking to that only because the film itself supports it.

And that’s part of the greatness of ‘Taar’, because frankly everything is impeccable. Of course, Blanchett shines in her own light, but the work of the rest of the cast is top notch as well. And there’s an undeniable force in that picture of falling from above, but there are other things out there that aren’t random. Upon first viewing, they may inspire more confusion than anything, but upon review, it becomes clear that the film offers much more than meets the eye. Another thing is that many still escape me or the intention of the field was just what came to my mind, which may be completely wrong.

in short

Cate Blanchett In Tar

‘Taar’ is a must-watch film Which works on many levels and does it intentionally. The most obvious is already very enjoyable, but the reflection it invites makes it one of the richest and most complex works to have been released recently. And it’s great that they nominated her for an Oscar, but even better, we already have the opportunity to enjoy her on the big screen.

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