The world’s most desirable watches throughout history

The world's most desirable watches throughout history

In the world of most desirable watches in history There are crazy anecdotes about the exorbitant amounts of money that some collectors (and the occasional beginner) pay for certain designs. There are also many stories about cases that quickly escalated and fights that were released at an auction in the middle. Not to mention the occasions where one of these pieces serves as a gift between lovers or an object of dispute in the whirlwind of a divorce, sometimes a sign of revenge. We have something to give away for free.

And there are many watches that are superior to others. Either because of the lack of supply, a design considered or still considered a watershed, or given its historical relevance in social and market terms. Something that makes them almost impossible to get. Watches which you buy when you have the chance, because you never know when they will be used again. This is how we can summarize them.

Next, models of collectible watches so desired and sought after in the current market that it is impossible not to recognize them … or not to want one.

Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel

A fact that will interest you very much: it is one of the most symbolic watches in the world and traces its timeless style to the original reference 6239 – launched in 1963 – because it was the first chronograph with a tachymeter on the bezel. rather than the sphere itself. Importantly, you can find it in black and white, which remains a staple of the Daytona line to this day, but the original white dial version is now so rare that it can cost millions of dollars in an auction.

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Amazing fact about this king among the historical watches so its sales in the first years were slow and Rolex almost stopped production. However, it is good for the company, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and other strong actors of the male horizon began to use it in their films. Thus, demand increased and the Daytona became what it is today. So much so, that Paul Newman’s Daytona was recently sold at auction and became the most expensive watch in history.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Besides being very desirable, we have here one of the most expensive watches in existence. Create a cornerstone of fashion that dominates the watchmaking from the 70s forever marking the history of these beautiful machines on our wrists: the steel cases as protagonists of the universe of luxury.

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Very relevant: the Royal Oak is the watch that made Gérald Genta famous, who designed this piece in one day, with paper and pencil. He envisioned a luxurious stainless steel watch and its design was taken from a series of Royal Navy ships, all called HMS Royal Oak.

Regarding the design, repeated many times in history, there is a popular rumor that the octagonal bezel was created to resemble a box, but that is not true. According to the creator himself, that particular element was inspired by the deep sea diving helmets of the time.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A

A dream that stops more than one heart beating on this earth. The successor to the first Nautilus model launched by Patek Philippe in 1976: the original 3700. A model that has become an icon, because collectors love the story of how it is a company known for classic clothes watches and precious metals, and decided to risk it all with a resistant stainless steel design with a price close to his gold watches. . Of course, another big reason for its desirability is that it was designed by watchmaking legend Gérald Genta.

That Nautilus we are talking about was a huge success in the 70s, which is why the company recovered it three decades later with the 5711, slightly changing the original design. Now we have a clock slightly larger with a bluer dial and an internal self-winding movement.

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Omega Seamaster

In 1948, as part of Omega’s centenary celebrations, the Seamaster was released. A family of watches in response to the great demand that came in peacetime after providing watches to the British Ministry of Defense during the Second World War. A model that, contrary to popular belief, was not originally intended to be a diving watch; rather, it was created to be a hard-wearing watch for active people.

His fame? Multifactorial. This is something that accounts for the changes in mentality and consumption in the 20th century, along with clock favorite—and technically official—of James Bond.

Rolex Submariner

One of the most wanted watches on the planet and debuted in 1953, which is the first diving model with water resistance of 100 meters. It boasts a rotating 60-minute timekeeping bezel that divers can use to keep track of how long they’ve been submerged, and dazzles with its luminous dial material to ensure legibility even in the darkest seas. Today, its effect is that from the most pop characters to the highest and culture has something to do with its silhouette.