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‘The Worst Neighbor in the World’: Tom Hanks shines his grumpy side in an effective film focused on leaving a good taste in the mouth

caste of Tom Hanks It is full of unforgettable characters, most of them marked by a more positive approach, whether in drama or comedy, as the actor himself has admitted that he does not feel comfortable playing the villain. in the matter of ‘World’s worst neighbor’ It can’t be said that he plays a part, but it allows him to show his most moody side and shine in a character that could have been somewhat troubling in other hands.

The film was born as an adaptation of the successful novel by both Fredrik Backman and the 2015 Swedish film based on the same book. For my part, I admit that I didn’t get to see ‘A Man Called Ov’So I don’t know to what extent this new work behind the scenes mark fosterBut what is clear to me is that I enjoyed The Worst Neighbor in the World far more than I expected to.

predictable but very solvent

Everyone needs to be clear about what’s going to happen during a movie like ‘The Worst Neighbor in the World’, since we have seen on many occasions stories that begin with an obnoxious protagonist discovering the reasons why life is worth it, which leads him to change his way of dealing with it. Those seeking great innovation purely in plot may want to start thinking about watching something else, but in the end, as always, it’s the details that matter.

Being called, ‘the worst neighbor in the world’ start with brio Exploring the daily routine of the protagonist and how he puts the need to follow the rules in his community ahead of what he really wants. This successful portrayal of the main character is fundamentally supported in the interpretation of Hanks, who has no problem showing his grumpy face, but always measures it well so that it does not lead to immediate disapproval from both his neighbors and the audience.

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That delicate balance is a fundamental gateway to the film, which has bleak emotional roots but always opts for a brighter, more optimistic approach when push comes to shove, even when drama unfolds. This leads Foster to flirt several times with the possibility of turning ‘The Worst Neighbor in the World’ into a textbook crowd-pleaser and be the equivalent of eating hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night, It’s not really the best for you, but sometimes it feels great. Also, it doesn’t do it in a lazy manner, which helps give more cohesion to the whole.

Worst Neighbor In The World View

In terms of visuals, it is a fairly simple film that works best when it comes to putting the protagonist’s routine into images. From there, Forster gives everything flows through the script And Hanks’ work. I don’t think that, so far, he delivers one of the best performances of his career here, but he does show that aspect that so few actors neglect, taking the material seriously with an obvious commercial touch. having what others would have limited. Commit yourself to pulling charisma or mere presence.

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And it’s not a silly detail, because Hanks is the absolute hero of the show, to the point that it’s hard for me to remember a scene beyond functional flashbacks in which he doesn’t appear. There it probably would have been appreciated if the secondary characters had something more important, as they only Mariana Trevino Beyond this is its real presence. In turn, the closeness that emerges from the unlikely friendship that arises between the two characters helps to add to the warmth that the film tries to build up to more and more by the minute.

Tom Hanks In The World'S Worst Neighbor

The chemistry shared by Treviño and Hanks It develops to the point that the fact that he plays with the idea that she is the daughter he never had is a natural progression of the story, as is everything related to the protagonist’s change in perspective. It can be overwhelmingly predictable – though at least it doesn’t cringe when it comes to the ending – but it’s worked to feel like something the movie earns rather than something that should be. Because what a touch it is. Of course, it goes too far with some subplots that probably over-complicate everything without it really needing to be.

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Of course, ‘the worst neighbor in the world’ Direct viewers need to dispel any cynicism, because we are facing a clear and fairly soft film. It is not by chance that I mentioned earlier that this is a more commercial production and it will not be difficult for me to understand those who see here only a story that was of great value, because it is true. The point is that it does not want to be that film and opts for a much simpler and more well-thought-out approach, constantly looking for the audience’s smile – a nice detail about the protagonist’s favorite brand car-. Compromising to try to leave a good taste in the mouth. There will be people to whom this thing bothers, it is not my case.

in short

Worst Neighbor In The World Tom Hanks

there is a man named otto A good dramatic comedy that opts for a bright tone To address a story that could have soured a whole lot more. Hanks shines as an irascible widower, and Treviño helps make the movie’s desperately-sought emotional warmth feel somewhat natural rather than the fruit of scripted machinations. And yes, it is very predictable, so what?

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