The X-ray of Chivas’ win against Pumas

The X-ray of Chivas' win against Pumas

This Thursday, Akron Stadium witnessed a brutal football performance Guadalajara, Because in game development they were vastly superior to the Pumas, which gave them an advantage in the first leg duel of the Apertura quarter-finals in 2023. However, the key remains open as there are still 90 minutes left in Ciudad Universitaria.

The collective performance of Chiverio was quite excellent and below we will break down how it works herd and each of his pieces.

General analysis
The eleventh Tapathy Through his behavior with and without the ball, he dominated the game from the first minute. He herd He applied quite good pressure as the university students exited, which led to several ball losses for Mohamed’s team. Also, the way the team’s midfielders complemented each other Red and white This helped the team to assert themselves in the opponent’s field and thus created many dangerous chances.

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Cougars appeared blurry because Guadalajara He blocked many passing lanes and, through strong and intelligent pressure, managed to eliminate the players who normally accelerate the pace with their skills. For example, young man and that ‘very’ The comebacks against Huerta and on the other side alternated well, Calderon j Gutierrez They neutralized Salvio.

The headquarters Red and white They also gave a lot to talk about, because Briseno He won all of “Toro” Fernández’s aerial balls whip He led the way in throwing the ball and won several open field contests. The pages of Chivas Since then, they have also performed quite well in their additions to the attack young man Short and well recorded ‘Whip’ He ended the game with his shot down the wing that ended in a goal.

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The most remarkable thing
In this game, all the players on the team stood out. Guadalajara, underneath Fernando Beltran who scored a great goal and led the team for most of the game, however here we will talk about three other players who had a great performance.

Erick Gutierrez: The left-footed midfielder played a game that few could match as he stole many balls and protected the back thanks to his pressure Ruben González when it was necessary. With the ball it was a scandal as he showed off his massive left foot with long shots and behind the backs of university students. Aside from that, ‘few’ He found several passes between the lines that beat the Puma half of the field.

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Ricardo Marin: The attacker Chivas He gave a lesson by playing with his back to the goal as he retained many balls and left those coming from the second line facing. One of the most remarkable things about it Ricardo was that he always got something out of every intervention, because if he couldn’t dribble or pass the ball, he got fouls. He was denied a goal, but his performance undoubtedly brings him closer to scoring.

Ruben González: Him ‘very’ He is an all-rounder as he covers a lot of meters on the pitch and makes work easier for several of his teammates. The midfielder herd He almost scored his goal with his right hand, but the university goalkeeper rejected it.