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Therapy: Return to First Love

The reasons for studying medicine can be very diverse, but, In many cases, it is a vocation, a calling: it is not possible to do anything else., In my case, I fell in love with biology because a professor at CU explained it to me, and medicine allowed me to combine the discipline that fascinated me with the human one. I couldn’t imagine a better combination, and despite the mediocre university at the time, the studies didn’t disappoint.

Beyond that, much good could be done, both clinically and in research. We were dedicated to striving to alleviate human suffering in all its aspects. We studied infections, cancer, mental diseases, hereditary diseases… the field was endless. And the generosity of those years, almost limitless. We were moved by the study of leprosy, child malnutrition, AIDS, all the plagues of humanity past, present and future., There was a lot of romance. Who hasn’t imagined themselves in a laboratory like Watson and Crick, or a modern-day Albert Schweitzer discovering the molecular basis of life?

face reality

Then came the collision with reality: medicine was a beautiful science, but its practice was not easy at all. Access to specialized training was difficult in those years, with few places for many applicants. Once reaching the MIR training system, the present was harsh and the future uncertain. Much was learned, but at a high cost of delivery in time and effort in exchange for meager pay. Many of us have begun to guard the path that has been walked for more than thirty years. endless and poorly paid shifts, sometimes leading to physical and emotional exhaustion, and, after residency, an uncertain job future.

In the mid-1990s, in those ups and downs of the world of work in our country, medical work was precarious in many specialties. Like all people who live by their work, Many of us had few choices: accept hired guards at a different hospital every day, or go on strike., You had to go where the work was, sign contracts day in and day out (my work life has many pages for this), do replacement and summer contracts, cover casualties. There was nothing else.

General Practitioner

more stability

Over the years, the situation changed and there was more stability, consolidation of the positions held, some room for maneuver in living, a salary that allowed for a more comfortable life. We never set out to get rich by practicing medicine. He has given for life without any need, but I think we have earned every penny of our salary,

Throughout this time, which I describe as difficult as it is, luckily the love for this profession has never waned., And, if at some point it’s out of focus, it’s possible to fix it later. Return, as in marriage, to family, to first love. In the late 70s of the last century, search for the inspiration that led him to enroll in medical school in the first place. Look at some of the layers of bitterness and professional disappointments, job difficulties, personal disagreements, failed projects.

still confused

Beneath all of that, I still find the illusion of trying to restore health to my fellow patients, or at least join them in suffering and loss. Relieve the suffering, thus honoring those who have gone before me and once again making true the Latin proverb “Divinum opus est sedare dolorem”. Reliving a first love has allowed me to survive some shipwrecks And going to the hospital every day with encouragement and a willingness to do my job to the best of my ability, with more or less recognition, with better or worse working conditions, with or without the pandemic.

Pray for the sick and for those of us who care for them to the best of our ability and knowledge.

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