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coche eléctrico precio 2024

The need to expand the fleet of electric vehicles has increased significantly in recent months. This is due to the implementation of financial assistance such as the MOVES III Plan in Spain. But why is this help offered? The answer is simple: electric vehicles are essential to support sustainable mobility.


First of all, electric vehicles (EVs). an efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Unlike internal combustion vehicles, EVs do not emit polluting gases or contribute to climate change. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option and a step towards reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Besides, EVs are quieter and generate less vibrations than conventional cars. All this translates into an improvement in the quality of life in cities, since the level of noise pollution is reduced and a quieter environment is favored.

Another reason for the increase in financial assistance is the high market price of electric vehicles. Although there has been a significant reduction in prices in recent years, EVs are more expensive than internal combustion vehicles. The reason is mainly due to the cost of batteries and production methods.

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However, it is important to emphasize that A drop in the price of electric cars is expected in the coming years. Among other things, due to factors such as the development of production technologies and optimization of batteries.

More charging stations

In addition, the growing demand for EVs is driving the expansion of charging networks, which will further facilitate the transition to electric mobility. In this sense, the implementation of charging infrastructure is essential to promote the use of electric vehicles. Currently, there are different types of charging points, from home chargers to fast charging stations on public roads. The development and expansion of these charging networks will allow greater autonomy and comfort for electric vehicle users.

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Information on brands and models

According to some manufacturers in the automotive sector, the price of electric cars is a major reason for the decrease in demand this year. For example, Ford decided to postpone the investment of the $20 billion it announced to produce electric vehicles by 2022. For its part, General Motors abandoned its plans to produce 500,000 electric vehicles in the first half of 2024.


In this context, Toyota decided to opt for a new process known as ‘gigacasting’. This method, promoted by Elon Musk’s company, consists of making large parts of the body of a car using inverted molten metal in high-pressure molds. This technique allows for greater production efficiency, because the time required to make the parts is reduced and the waste generated is reduced.

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The ‘gigacasting’ process allows Toyota make body parts for your electric cars faster and cheaper. This represents a significant improvement, as body building is one of the most expensive and labor-intensive aspects of car manufacturing.

It is important to emphasize that electric vehicles are an important part of the transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. As technology advances and costs decrease, the demand for these vehicles is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

In conclusion, changing the production process of electric vehicles is a challenge faced by traditional car manufacturers. The adoption of new techniques, such as ‘gigacasting’, will be key to increasing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. With this, it is expected that the demand for electric vehicles will continue to grow, thus promoting the transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.