There is a fear that the area will be hit by the flu for the first time without a mask

With the return of the holidays and the start of a new course, health experts are already in their sight on how they will behave. virus this fall,

On this occasion we will face them without any liability for the first time Use of masks indoors, except on public transport, pharmacies and health centersSo “it is still difficult to predict what the mobility will be”, with little means of protection, says head of the microbiology service of the Virgen de la Arixaca hospital in Murcia, Manuel Segovia.

On these dates the gaze is always directed towards the Southern Hemisphere to see how it is behaving. Suffering in Australia and see which strains of the virus are dominant, as it will depend on them Vaccine administered in our country, But the first data suggests that these next few months could be complicated and the flu, as we know it, could return.

They recall that flu viruses have “much higher” mutational potential than coronaviruses.

Head of the Infectious Diseases Section of the Reina Sofia Hospital, Enrique Bernal, explains that “after two years with hardly any flu cases and no incidence, Australia has just experienced a very significant pandemic wave, with the most flu cases on record since 2017. Huh.” Some statistics that “we should keep in mind for vaccination campaigns.”

In this case, the infection has occurred a very significant weight in minorsWhereas frail and old patients are more prone to hospitalization.

Dr. Bernal assures that the flu is a very high mutagenicityMore than COVID, that is why he stresses the importance of immunization of the elderly and vulnerable groups, as is usually done every season.

Australia, which serves as an example of what will come to Europe, has just experienced a pandemic wave of flu

Regarding the use of masks, infectious disease specialist insisting that “it is most effective tool To avoid infection”, recalling that “before the summer we saw an increase in flu cases, well, with the withdrawal of the obligation to use masks indoors.”

covid, a common cold

for the person in charge Arrixaca. microbiology ofWhat is to be expected that « we will return to a certain normality in which respiratory pathology starts to take center stage again, covid is still circulating, though rapidly has a tendency to become a common cold, which last two has happened in years.

Doctors believe that there will be a need for a booster vaccine against Kovid in the vulnerable population

Although Dr. Segovia believes that “all” will depend on our behavior» And hope that the culture of protection against the virus has permeated the population and that they continue to use masks and keep a safety distance in crowded places.

«Before Covid We took respiratory infections more lightlyBut now we have the elements within our reach to defend ourselves. This will allow us to have a season and a winter that is close to our normality,” he says.

decrease in incidence

Latest report from the Epidemiological Service of health counseling They show a slowdown in COVID infections, with a steady decrease in incidence in recent weeks, although for experts, the evolution of the pandemic and the arrival of other waves will depend on the appearance of new forms.

Enrique Bernal insists they are very attentive How the New Indian Subvariant behaves“However if it comes we should keep in mind that it is lighter than the previous one.”

In addition, “vaccines continue to protect us, although this will be necessary”. Reinforcing vulnerable populations and over 60 years,

Experts are also very attentive to the advent of new vaccines pfizer and modern, which already contain new forms of COVID, and which “will be an advantage in this next vaccination campaign to enable them to begin administration this fall.” One of them, Moderna, is already being tested in the United Kingdom, points out the head of the infectious diseases section of the Reina Sofia hospital.


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