There is a salary of up to $2.9 million

There is a salary of up to $2.9 million

Carabinieri advertisements 54 job vacancies for civilians, with salary starting at $500,000 and reach up to 2.9 million pesos.

According to the published offer, the charges of chef waiter, post office, emergency operator, social worker programmer technician, computer engineer, nursing technician, auditor accountant occupational therapist, nutritionist, kinesiologist among other tasks.

In addition, jobs are available different regions in the country, among them are Maule, Biobío, O’Higgins, Metropolitana and Valparaíso.

Application requirements

The police institution requires some mandatory aspects for those who want to apply for job offers:

  • Being Chilean.
  • Followed by Recruitment Lawif possible (men).
  • HAVE compatible with physical and mental health with the functions to be performed.
  • Accredit, old, your specialtyknowledge or preparation appropriate for the position you are applying for, through individual certificates if applicable.
  • Not giving up public office as a result of getting a bad grade, or because of disciplinary action, unless more than five years have passed since the date of expiration of the functions.
  • Not disabled for the use of public functions or positions, nor be convicted of a crime or simple offense.
  • The candidate selected for the position and family members, They may have no police and/or criminal records.
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Application dates and results

The call starts at 1It was 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 6 and extends until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 13.

The call for competition is available on the website and interested parties must include all the documents required for each position by email [email protected].

You can check the details for each of the positions by clicking here.

The process of evaluations curricular, technical, psycho-labor and personal to be conducted between December 27 and January 30, 2024.