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“There is a shortage of doctors and we pay them with slaughter while others give caviar?”

The public health of Asturias is troubled, in which two major agreements have been signed – one to organize Primary Care and the other to pay working wage conditions, but two massive demonstrations against the management of the health system have also been called. The convulsive moment to which the Asturian Professional Medical Union (Simpa) is no stranger, whose general secretary José Antonio Vidal (Gijón, 1966), reports without mixing words.

-Simpa is one of the unions that signed an agreement to organize Primary Care. is working?

– The agreement to organize continuous care in Primary has been around for about a month and the applications are causing problems. Organizations are changing a way of working that was completely new, and they are grateful that they don’t know. But the consensus is good, because the figure of the future, especially unstable and Mogul, has disappeared and now they are allies. Therefore, the work is distributed more equitably. We are confident that this will help the new generations to stay.

– There are doctors of the family who reject the convention. It is also made dia…

– Some of the conditions of some workers have changed, which perhaps satisfied the difficulty in their work with the existence of that temporary staff that relieved them of a certain part of that work. Silver spoke: they didn’t do weekends because others did. I understand that their life circumstances have changed, but they must understand that 200 doctors are needed in Primary Care and what they are not doing, others must do. We are few, and the work must be distributed.

-This tribunal asks that the leaders be dismissed and the Trade Unionists do the duty of guarding. What do you think?

– Not realistic; It is the fruit of sadness. Employers cannot legally, nor does the public office allow them to provide assistance. And among the technical personnel or middle managers who do not have it limited, some already do the duty of the guard. As for the released unions, there will be many unions, but in Simpa only two of us are fully released and we only have one family doctor. We are not idle, but for me, if they can do that -Vidal is an expert in Neurology-, I will be on duty tomorrow.

Have you had any chance at Simpa because of this convention?

People are let go, but for every one who leaves, two are let go. I understand the frustration, but let them repent because we are all in the same boat, and it is not fair or just to make others do what you do not like. The kind of life they want to be perfect, others also and the new generations must be protected, if not, the health system is going to hell.

-Second agreement: 23 million salary improvements. You claim to be a historical writer.

– It is so, because the hourly watch had not been touched since 2009 in this city. Because the parameter for people over 55 years of age and the possibility of doing additional work from 2013. was paralyzed. Because until now that concept has never been on the table of the salary of Primary Care nor the possibility of paying the average performance (which is known. as ‘people’) … These are the absolute historical events.

-What do you think are the other types of complaints that the doctors press the most? They talk about inequality.

– I do not compare myself with other categories, but with doctors of other communities or countries. The doctor deserves more, because there are differences, first of all, civil disability. But, although they are high, the commonality between the categories is not the greatest. You must think that young doctors have no pain in leaving and a private doctor earns an average year in Spain 48,000 European coins; in Italy, 60,000; in France, 90,000; in Britain, 120,000, and in Germany, 160,000. I’m not looking for six thousand dollars for teachers and other worse categories. But, man, we’re Simpa, because we’ll have to ask for the corrections of the doctors. We are talking about the fact that there are no doctors and we must attract them, and what do we do while others offer caviar when we pay for a sliced ​​sandwich?

-Do you expect such a disturbance to break out?

– We had some inconvenience because the order of work changed, but what we did not expect was such a furious reaction.

– Referred to the health centers, but there were two large protests in the street.

– I do not know the involvement of medical groups, but I think more from other categories. There are many staff, especially in large hospitals, who have serious problems with the organization of their work. It is also the largest group that had worked during the pandemic, but has decreased in the post-pandemic and is another source of trouble. However, the timing is clear. To say something in the media so widely depoliticized or de-unionized in the lecture period is to speak with some childish mind. The intention of the organizers may be neutral, I’m not saying no, but there are always those who take the flag and I know they are trying to take more.

-What do you think the 5,000 people brought to the streets next Saturday?

– Absolutely demonstrable respect and expression of needs. The ever-necessary proposition of improving health care has been provided to the patient. But we, the union that represents 60% of the teachers in Asturias, continue to fight for their rights, within the large agreements and contracts in the field, without excluding any action.

What have the patients signed agreements gained?

– All these things must be done in such a way that there are doctors, so that we can have a better system, and consequently we can take better care of our health.

– The type of laws entered.

-The management is not so bad, but the plan is diluted. In any case, the legislature cannot be good because the pandemic has caused great damage. The doctors are exhausted; patients have lost longevity in Primary Care; We have a waiting list that we have…

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