There is a temperature of 7 degrees in Monterrey

 There is a temperature of 7 degrees in Monterrey.  When does it start?

Temperature changes in Monterrey are constant. On some days, the cold is present, while on others the temperature remains high. However, it looks like a chilly December is on the horizon, with single digit temperatures forecast for the metro area.

Make sure you have your jackets and coats, because weather reports indicate that this Saturday and Sunday, at the start of next week, There are very cold days.

For him Sunday December 10, maximum 17 degrees and minimum 9 degrees centigrade.

The next one Mondaya remarkable drop in temperature is expected in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, reaching single digit values: with a maximum of 16 degrees and a minimum of 7 grades centigrade.

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A slight increase in temperature is expected in the metropolitan area on Tuesday, with a maximum of 18 degrees and a minimum of 8 degrees. In addition, there is a possibility of 20 percent rain.

On Wednesday, the mountain city will continue to have cold temperatures, which will provoke different reactions among citizens: some will enjoy the cold weather, while others, who belong to the “hot team”, may not be so happy.

A minimum of 12 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 18, with no chance of rain in Monterrey.

On Thursday, December 14, the city of Monterrey will experience not only low temperatures, but also rain, with a probability of 45 percent. A maximum temperature of 19 degrees and a minimum of 15 degrees is forecast.

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Rain recommendations for those at home

  • Try to stay in a safe place
  • Avoid littering on the streets
  • Avoid touching light poles or cables
  • Remove objects that may fall from balconies and windows
  • Avoid walking through flooded streets