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There will be 2 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses in 2022

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This year, there are four Assumption There were two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. Two eclipses have already taken place, the remaining two will come in October and November.

Astronomy lovers who are afraid to miss out on this event, please mark the following date on your calendar.

1. Partial Solar Eclipse 30/1 May 2022

A partial solar eclipse is an astronomical event when the Earth, Moon and Sun are in a straight line, with the Sun’s surface from Earth only partially covered by the Moon.

“This is because the Moon’s shadow that falls on Earth’s surface is only a penumbral/pseudo-shadow, while the core umbra shadow is outside the Earth’s surface,” said researcher Andy Pengerang of Brin Space Science Education at the Brin Research Center. Quoted written. Website.

The area covered by the shadow of the Moon will experience partial solar eclipseWhile there will be a total solar eclipse in the area covered by the shadow of the Moon.

This partial solar eclipse, which has passed, peaked at about 03.41 WIB on May 1, 2022. This eclipse is the 66th eclipse out of 71 eclipses in Saros 119 cycle. The maximum magnitude (width) of the eclipse reaches 63.89% of the Sun’s angular diameter.

However, this eclipse can only be seen in the Southeast Pacific and parts of South America. This means that Indonesia cannot see it because it does not pass through the shadow of the Moon.

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2. Total Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022

After the arrival of a partial solar eclipse on 30/1 May 2022, still in May, a total lunar eclipse will occur on 16 May. A lunar eclipse is a condition when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, so the Moon does not receive sunlight.

lunar eclipse Total 16 May 2022 to coincide with Vesak day 2565 Buddhist era. This natural phenomenon cannot even be seen in Indonesia, but can only be seen in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and New Zealand.

3. Partial Solar Eclipse October 25, 2022

Solar Eclipse The second, after what happened on 30/1 May 2022, will fall by 25 October. This will be the last solar eclipse in 2022. Unfortunately, this eclipse cannot be seen directly in Indonesia.

This eclipse can only be seen in Europe (except Portugal and southern Spain), Russia, western Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, the Middle East, Greenland, Iceland, Central Asia, India and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, according to the predictions of the researchers, the solar eclipse will be seen in Indonesia only in 2023. The eclipse that occurred was a hybrid solar eclipse on April 20, 2023, which was said to coincide with the end of Ramadan 1444h.

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4. Total Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2022

The second and last total lunar eclipse in 2022 will occur on November 8, 2022 from 15.02 WIB to 20.56 WIB.

This time, lunar eclipse Total can be watched live in Indonesia. Papua, West Papua, Halmahera, Central Seram, East Seram, Kai Island, Tanimbar and Aru regions that can see this eclipse since the early penumbra.

Ternate, Tidor, Bacon Islands, Sula, West Seram, Ambon, South West Maluku, Sulawesi, Bali, NTB, NTT, North Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, parts of Central Kalimantan, parts of West Kalimantan, Sumenep, The people of Situbondo, and Banyuwangi can see this eclipse from initial exposure to the end of partial shadow.

Meanwhile, across Java, parts of Central Kalimantan, parts of West Kalimantan, Riau, Riau Islands, South Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, Jambi, Bengkulu and Lampung, the eclipse can be seen from initial total exposure to partial end. Is. Then in the areas of Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra and North Bengkulu, you can see from the peak of the eclipse to the last penumbra.

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