There's a new Predator movie underway, this time set in the future


The title of the new film will be bad soil And it will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

However it seemed as if the deadliest alien in space had ended its search for cinema after a disastrous incident CruelIn 2022, Dan Trachtenberg arrived to revive the franchise with a somewhat risky bet that turned out well, Well, he sent the hunter to the year 1719 and pitted him against a young Comanche girl.

A success that made 20th Century Fox, now part of the Disney Group, Trachtenberg got a new opportunity to continue the Predator saga, However on this occasion it seems that he is going to look towards the future instead of looking towards the past. Well, as mentioned hollywood reporter there’s already a new movie Cruel Ongoing.

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graduate degree bad soil Hardly anything is known about this project, except that it seems It will be set in the future and will also feature a female protagonist, as it happened Hunt, While it is unknown how far along the project has progressed, according to the website, the studio has already begun the casting process.

As in the previous film Cruel, Trachtenberg will serve as director and screenwriter Because he wrote the libretto with his partner Patrick Aisen. Furthermore, this will not be the only project that the director will be preparing about the saga. Cruel Since the studio has given them carte blanche to continue expanding the franchise.

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What about a pre-sequel?

Although it may seem like this new project changes the production schedule sequel to HuntNothing is far from reality, thoroughlyAlthough Trachtenberg is working on bad soilsequel to Hunt keep going And, at the moment, it can only be confirmed that its protagonist, Ember Midthunder, will be returning.

It’s unknown when it will begin filming or when it will be released, and if it does, whether it will be released in theaters, so let’s remember this Hunt Affected by Disney’s purchase of Fox and eventually becoming a streaming premiere Although this was for the big screen. will we watch the next movie Cruel At the theatres?

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