These are some of the most loyal dog breeds in the world

These are some of the most loyal dog breeds in the world

It sounds like a broken record, but when they say so dogs They give their love unconditionally, it’s true. It seems that whatever little we humans give them, they appreciate us in return.

This may sound unfair, but it seems to be the nature of dogs, and a percentage of it will almost certainly be genetic. Depending on the breed, and what they have done for generations, certain hereditary characteristics will be found.

These are the pets that have natural qualities most loyal Within the universe of recognized castes.


Physically intimidating, but with the most adorable personality Rottweiler He is at the first position in the list. These dogs are ideal for gift giving, and under the right training they are devoted creatures to their families, who do not like to spend too much time alone.

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Apart from being the smallest breed of dogs in the world, chihuahuas They are loyal companions. Their personality is a little stronger and more demanding than other dogs, but they will be more than happy to accompany you on your day, in a bag, in the car or in your arms.

German Shepherd

They are loyal by nature. We all know the real loyalty of these pets, who are calm, very brave and even heroic. But they are also very attached, and once they find their place next to you, they won’t want to let go and will expect to share everything with you.

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Great pyrenees

loss great pyrenees They’re like giant snowballs; They were once the pets of kings France, but today they are one of the most beloved breeds. These dogs love positive reinforcement, and training will keep them around.

But remember that due to the characteristics of their coat, they require a lot of care and they belong to the group of breeds that shed the most hair.


the story of Hachiko Many people know that it is the greatest expression of loyalty we can hope for: a dog. akita He waited for several days for the return of his master, who unfortunately died.

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This Japanese breed of dog is a treasure to the country, and their personality makes them very committed to their friends and family. They are able to adapt more than their cousins Sheeba So they also include other dogs, cats and children in their immediate circle.

Golden Retriever

That Gold They crave the constant affection of anyone who crosses their path, this doesn’t make them any less loyal to you, they are just a little scatterbrained and extremely energetic. These dogs will follow you wherever you go, on vacation, to a mountain, to the beach or just for a walk; As long as you have it, it will be enough for them.


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