These are the 10 countries in Europe where you should never walk alone at night: Spain has a surprise

Paris, France

When we want to decide Destination for future travel There are several factors that we usually take into account. The main thing is probably what that city or country offers us to see, but other details such as the climate, the price of flights and/or accommodation or the cuisine of the place in question are also very important.

However, another aspect to which perhaps we usually do not pay the necessary attention or do not pay as much attention when choosing where we travel. Security Of these countries. And above all when we go alone In some of these places, we may find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, especially when we walk through the streets of a town or city at midnight.

Focusing only on the European level, the ‘Numbio’ database has compiled a list of countries on the continent that it includes It is more dangerous to walk alone at night, This ranking, collected online by the ‘World of Statistics’ Twitter profile, includes practically all countries in Europe, which means, of course, spain Found in this list. But, although this perception is generally negative, the truth is that our country not in top 10 Which others are among the most dangerous:

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Paris, France1


According to data collected by ‘Nambio’, France Currently it is considered to be a country where it is most unsafe to walk on the streets at night. This matches Crime rate Among European countries, that puts France as the second region with the worst figures.

Minsk, Belarus2


The second country in the list is belarus A country with more than 9 million inhabitants, located in Eastern Europe. If France was the second country with the worst data in terms of crime rate, then Belarus is in this place first place,



is the third country in the classification belgium, whose position exactly matches its location in the context of the crime data. People surveyed by ‘Nambio’ believe there is safety in this country below 50 marks out of 100,

United Kingdom4

United Kingdom

In fourth place we find United Kingdom Which although is down in the crime index ranking, has moved up one place in terms of the insecurity of its roads At night. This is reflected in the data shared by ‘World of Statistics’, whose figure is also below the 50 mark.

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The fifth country that users have rated as the most dangerous for walking at night after consultation by ‘Nambio’ is sweden A Scandinavian region with more than 10 million inhabitants and which also has a very high crime rate.



Returning to Eastern Europe, we are sixth on the list moldavia A country with a much smaller number of inhabitants than Sweden (just over 2.5 million) but which has a crime rate very similar to that of this country.

Republic Of Ireland7

Republic of Ireland

One of the other countries that we find in this classification is Republic of Ireland, Its position on the list is interesting, as it has better crime rate statistics than other European countries, but users still consider it an unsafe country. The safety percentage that ‘Nambio’ talks about 54%,



Is in the eighth phase of this ranking Italy one of the countries where the crime rate is close to 50% And so, if your intention is to walk some streets at night, ‘Numbéo’ is also among the 10 most unsafe in the whole of Europe.

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without moving Mediterranean Next on the list greece, The crime rate and safety percentage figures are quite similar to those of Italy, although the ‘World of Statistics’ portal puts it one step lower.



The country that closed this top-10 is Turkiye, also from Eastern Europe. It is a region with approximately 85 million inhabitants. Safest among the most dangerous Walking down the street at night, or ‘numbio’ data indicates.

Where is Spain in?

Although our country does not appear among the 10 countries with the worst data in terms of security, the truth is that it is not among the safest countries in all of Europe. Specific, Spain is in twentieth place Of ranking. In general, walking on the roads of our country at night is not very safe and there is no reason to panic.


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