These are the 3 most preferred Motorola cell phones; features and prices

 These are the 3 most preferred Motorola cell phones;  features and prices

Motorola It is one of the cell phone brands that offers the best quality-price ratio. For years now, It is characterized by giving strength on each of their devices, so if you’re interested in one, We leave you with the three most searched recently.

Both of these are considered mid and low range, while the best is absolutely high-end or premium so there are options for all tastes and needs.

The 3 Motorola cell phones that everyone wants

Let’s start with Moto G22with an initial price of 4,919 pesos in the official store, although it has a discount, which remains at 4,499 pesos.

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It is characterized by having a 50 MP quad camera system, a 6.5-inch Max Vision ultra-wide display and a 90Hz refresh rate.

also highlighting its sophisticated design in a resistant acrylate polymer and a chrome finish. It is available in blue, black and white colors.

It was followed by Moto e22i one of the most basic of the line, but still offers technical details like a Dolby Atmos multidimensional sound.

Don’t expect much from your camera because It has only 16 MP and another 2 MP, while the front is 5 MP.

There is one COST usually 2,999 pesos, although nowadays you can find it for 2,799 pesos in its official store.

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Finally, we have Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, that, contrary to the former, offers a large 200 MP camera, as its main attraction.

It couldn’t be done without yours Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor one of the fastest so far.

Another relevant technical detail is its battery It charges in just seven minutes.

Its price is about 26,999 pesos on AT&T.

Sure, Motorola has cell phones for everyone from the most basic to the most developed, what do you think is the best for you?


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