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These are the “aliens” presented in the Congress of Mexico

Journalist and extraterrestrial activity researcher Jaime Maussan showed two surprising specimens of alleged extraterrestrials found in Peru to the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico

Journalist and extraterrestrial activity researcher Jaime Maussan showed before the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico two surprising specimens of alleged extraterrestrials found in Peru, revealing, together with other experts, the disturbing results after subjecting them to rigorous studies. Below are the details that would prove that they are beings from another planet.

Jaime Maussan has been working on research to prove the existence of these beings for several years and on September 12, 2023 he attended the Congress of Deputies in Mexico to present physical evidence that would prove that the sightings were not part of the imagination of some people. . Maussan said this is “a question of humanity that should unite us, not divide us.”

Maussan brought with him two mummified bodies of suspected aliens that were found in Nazca, Peru in 2017 and subjected to thorough analysis. The results are now available and have been communicated to Mexican MPs, who, like the press, reacted with astonishment to the revelations.

A forensic pathologist was responsible for reading out the most important findings, which he made in collaboration with a biologist. The expert initially said that the remains were also examined. They have no connection to humans.”

And he continued: “They are bodies about 60 centimeters long, covered with a white powder that we can identify by electron microscopy as diatom powder, which allows the bodies to dry out and prevents the formation of bacteria, fungi and animals. “ .Corpses, The presence of this dust allows the perfect preservation of these bodies through desiccation, which over time results in a natural preservation process that we were able to verify by applying the carbon-14 test, which indicated an average age of a thousand years.

“This makes the place where these bodies were found an ideal place for their conservation and preservation by whoever dumped them in this place in Peru,” he added.

Regarding anatomy, the expert said that it is a humanoid structure consisting of a head, torso, stomach and extremities, which end in tridactyl hands and feet, i.e. three fingers.

“The bone structure of the entire skeleton shows us perfect harmony and agreement between the joints, the last part of each bone fits perfectly with the subsequent bone and the wear of these due to the movement of biomechanics is also observed. , typical of “The specimen is bones that are very resistant but light, strong but light, like those of birds,” he noted.

In addition, he said that the head was a particularly interesting element because it had large proportions compared to the body. However, he emphasized that “it is a pneumatized skull, i.e.”

Regarding the neck, the expert pointed out that it is a long structure that connects the head in the middle cranium, which is “a rarity that does not occur in primate species, since the connection is in the posterior cranium.” and not in the middle floor, through the foramen magnum, which usually has a circular or ovoid shape and is something unique since in these species it has a rectangular and cubic shape, consistent with the four or five small cervical vertebrae Since in their bone thickness, but are equipped with a very wide intervertebral disc, it is possible that this neck is retractable like that of turtles.

“We also see that the spaces in the eye sockets are very large, which would allow very wide stereoscopic vision in this specimen,” he argued.

“It also has very small nostrils and an oral cavity (mouth), which, due to its jaw joint and lack of teeth, allows us to determine that its nutrition was by swallowing rather than chewing,” he explained.

And he added: “In the thorax we find a bifurcation that is very similar to that of birds, which allows the shoulder joints to continue and gives them very great mobility.”

In addition, the ribs are extremely peculiar: “In the rib cage it has also been found that the ribs are complete and continuous, being completely circular until they are connected to the spine.” They have a very small distance between them and are between 14 and 16 inches tall, which is very different from that of humans.

And perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries is that the presence of three eggs in the abdominal cavity was evident. “That in the abdominal cavity, thanks to tomography at the millimeter level, we were able to show that there are fallopian tubes with the presence of millimeter eggs.” This means that they were in a continuous pregnancy process, in addition to a 100 percent confirmation that they are biological and are organic, since the process of replication or reproduction through these eggs and their development in the fallopian tube would be impossible to falsify,” said the person in charge of the study, while those present remained completely silent and looked at the images.

“Through tomography we were also able to observe traces of muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels, as well as possible organs or organelles that need to be defined in later studies,” he emphasized.

He added: “Coming to the extremities, we can point out that there is a complete harmony and agreement between the joints and the wear of the biomechanics of the specimen, ending in tridactyl hands and feet with five phalanges that allow them, not to strain your finger. “Thumb as resistance, but using your three fingers in an enveloping manner to hold things.”

“They have no carpal and tarsal bones (bones in the hands and feet), the phalanges are directly connected to the bones of the arm and forearm and end in a kind of nail bed for the nail,” they were part of the reports. The scientist added that another surprising fact is that fingerprints were found during microscopic observation, “this would be impossible to reproduce; “These fingerprints are of particular interest because the majority of specimens on this planet have wavy or circular fingerprints.” The footprints of these specimens are completely straight and linear, horizontal.”

“Some of the bodies also have metal implants that are perfectly attached to the skin and to the surface, creating a very impressive biofunctional fusion,” he pointed out as more remains were found in the same area.

“These implants are made from the compound of various metals such as adsmium and cadmium, which are currently used for satellite telecommunications,” he said in another discovery that is attracting widespread attention.

And when it seemed that nothing could be more incredible, he mentioned that the DNA is very different from all previously known species. The DNA analyzes of the strange creatures were compared with the DNA of more than a million registered species and, according to the expert, “a significant difference between what is known” was found.

To validate their study, the experts assure that these studies were carried out in different Mexican institutions and outside the country and conclude that 70% of the genetic material corresponds to what is known, but there is a difference of 30 % when you compare it If you compare the DNA of humans with that of bacteria and primates, there is more similarity between them than between humans and the supposed aliens.

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