These are the job profiles with the highest offers in Canada and the United States

These are the job profiles with the highest offers in Canada and the United States

North America is one of the preferred destinations for Colombians to offer excellent job opportunities, not only in terms of salaries, but also in terms of working conditions, in Canada.

There are certain occupations that are more sought after by both countries, as they offer great benefits to companies and low unemployment rates. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, national unemployment has dropped significantly in 49 states, most notably New Mexico, California, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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The professions with the largest job offer in the North American territory, according to a compilation made by the USA Herald, are: marketing managers, developers and designers, anesthetists, construction managers, financial managers, electricians, industrial mechanics, teachers, statistical experts, nurses and therapists, systems analysts, support specialists, and electronic engineers.

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As for Canada, the IProfessional portal presents an analysis by Randstand, a human resources company, on the most desired jobs in 2023. Many of them are the health, technological or administrative sectors.

Sales managers, digital marketing coordinators, mechanical engineers, warehouse workers, drivers, welders, web designers, nurses, accountants, human resources managers, customer service clerks, business analysts, administrative assistants, construction managers and production supervisors.

What should you do if you want to work in Canada or the United States?

The Canadian government makes some recommendations for migrants who want to work in their country. One of the most important things is to handle the language at a basic level, since there are many chances that the local company will ask her as an employee.

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It is also advisable to go to the office before the trip. To do this, you need to offer in several places. If selected, the company will assist you with the legal procedures to obtain a visa.

Other tips are:

  • Do not show the authorities that you will leave the country when the work permit expires.
  • Make sure you have enough income to support yourself and even return to your place of origin
  • You have no reputation and you have to prove that you are not a threat to the security of Canada
  • Submit a medical examination that confirms your good health and the absence of infectious diseases
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    In the United States, the Citizenship and Immigration Service indicates that to work on American soil, you must apply for H-2A and H-2B visas, both of which allow you to work for three years with the option of renewal. The company is requesting the contractor.

  • H-2A visas: in this case, people who can work as counterfeiters can plant crops or drive machinery that is required by the agricultural field.
  • H-2B visa: in this case, workers who work in the kitchen, cleaning, construction, horticulture and butchery businesses can apply.
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