These are the most in-demand jobs in the US; They pay well and don’t require degrees

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The neighboring country has many programs for Mexican workers, where it is not necessary to have a visa, especially a profession.

More and more people are interested in coming to the United States to find the American dream. Because the neighboring country always offers jobs well paid without requiring a university degree.

According to search trends Google reveal a growing preference for Americans for roles that give them the opportunity to travel, flexible schedules and the opportunity to do.

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Agent Real Estate

Overseas, agents real estate professionals acting as representatives of buyers or sellers of real estate a role that does not require a university degree and which has emerged as an attractive option for those seeking high income without the burden of a formal education wide.

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In this profession, a important role when verifying the authenticity of signatures and documents. Despite its importance, this role does not require a college degree and its practitioners enjoy significant income earn up to $200 per hour.

Travel agent

Professionals in this field facilitate the travel planning and reservations for customers who want explore the world all without needing a college degree, travel agents experience a growing demand in line with the trend of finding jobs that offer travel opportunities and flexibility.


At the moment United States and Mexico they have good trade relations. Because of this, there are treaties and programs that provide job opportunities to Mexicans who want to move to the United States.

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Remember that you must obey specific requirements so that employers are interested in you and you can perform in a foreign country.

The United States has a few Software for workers in Mexico, where it is not necessary to have a visa, especially one PROFESSION because with a work permit people can access the neighboring country to work.