These are the premieres coming to Disney Plus in December


We’ve officially reached the month of December, and with that comes a slew of highlights from the various streaming services out there right now, in fact, Netflix programs have been announced that people cannot miss for any reason. And to continue the trend, Disney Plus does the same, because they already say what people can enjoy by paying a month of the basic plan or with the Star Plus.

Among the premieres, the most important is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which was originally highly anticipated this year in theaters and ended up not being very convincing due to the overuse of CGI. There is also a second season of What if? where we see the most important heroes of the MCU doing things that were not in the original timeline.

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Here is the full calendar:

Next up:

December 2

Doctor Who: The Wild Blue Faraway (Special)

December 8

How big is Claus’s family! (Season 2)

December 9

Doctor Who: The Laughter (Special)

December 22

What If?… (Season 2)

December 27th

Raffaella (outside)


December 5th

Isabel Preysler: My Christmas

6th of December

Theater Camp

December 8

Greg’s Christmas Diary: Stuck in the Snow

December 13

Now And Then: the last Beatles song

December 15th

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

What a Christmas eve

December 20

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

December 29

The mill

Remember that you can enjoy all this content by paying a monthly membership to this streaming service. Being a little lower than the competition, but it doesn’t hurt to check in the next few days.

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