These cheap cars enjoy advanced features and digital devices at low prices, with a starting price of just Rs 3.18 lakh.

ये हैं देश की सबसे किफायती सुरक्षित हैचबैक कारें, कम दाम में मिलते हैं कमाल के सेफ़्टी फीचर्स, शुरुआती कीमत 4.85 लाख रुपये

The country’s auto sector has seen big changes in the last few years. The manufacturing process of vehicles is now not only limited to basic needs but also modern technology and features are being given prominence in entry level technology models. Seeing the interest of the customers, the companies have included many great features in their models.

The auto sector is not untouched by the current phase of digitization that is being seen in ordinary life. There are now many models on the market that offer connectivity features and digital instrument clusters. Today we will tell you about three affordable cars in the country equipped with digital materials clusters.

Digital Instrument Cluster Key:

First, find out what a ‘digital instrument cluster’ is. In fact, it is a kind of digitized panel that is used in place of the dash of the car’s traditional steering wheel. These are of two types, one semi-digital and the other fully digital. As you can understand from the name, there is very little difference between the two, the semi model provides digital display as well as analog display, while fully-digital is fully digital.

The digital instrument cluster was first used in 1976 in the Aston Martin Lagonda sedan car. After that, this trend came and today it is being used in many cars. It digitally displays information about vehicle speed, mileage, gear shifting, temperature, engine oil gauge, mileage, etc. The light used on its panel makes the cabin of the car beautiful and the information provided in it can be easily understood by the driver. So let us know about the affordable cars that are offering this feature.

1) – Tata Tiago:

Tata Motors’ cheap hatchback Tiago has also been given a digital instrument cluster as standard, meaning this feature is available in all variants. Information about digital tachometer, fuel level, vehicle speed and gear position etc. is available in its display unit. The company has used a 1.2-liter petrol engine in the car that generates 86PS of power and 113Nm of torque. Rated 4 stars in the Global NCAP Crash Test, it is one of the safest hatchbacks in the division.

Price: Rs 4.99 lakh to Rs 6.95 lakh
Mileage: 23.84 kmpl

Maruti S Preso

2) – Maruti S-Presso:

Also known as Maruti Suzuki’s Mini SUV, the S-Pro is equipped with a digital materials cluster, which is placed near the AC vent between the center consoles. Its design gives the car cabin a sporty look. It includes speedometer, tachometer, driving range, trip meter, gear position and fuel indicator. This feature is available in all variants of this car. The company has used the 1.0 liter capacity engine. Which generates 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. The company has used a 5-speed AGS transmission gearbox in its Voxi AMT variant.

Price: Rs 3.788 lakh to Rs 5.26 lakh
Mileage: 21.7 kmpl

Reconstruction Quid Digital Instrument Cluster

3) – Renault Quid:

Renault’s cheap hatchback Car Quid, France’s leading automobile manufacturer, also has an LED digital materials cluster and is the cheapest car on our list. The company also provides this feature in its base standard model, and it is the only car in its division where this feature has been offered. It provides information like tachometer, fuel level, TFT screen display, odometer, speed and gear position. This car is available in the market with two different petrol engines. In one of the variants, the company has used a petrol engine with a capacity of 0.8 liters and a capacity of 1.0 liters.

Price: Rs 3.18 lakh to Rs 5.39 lakh
Mileage: 25 kmpl