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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

These methods will be adopted to face the Indian spinners who root

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New Delhi The sweep shot will be a main weapon for the Indian spinners to play, but England captain Joe Root has said that he is committed to using this shot in the four-match Test series with India at the MA Chidambaram Stadium here from Friday. Is not. Root had recently scored 426 runs in the two-match Test series on Sri Lanka tour and his team won the series 2–0.

On the eve of the first Test match with India, Root said, “For me (sweep shot) is a fascinating shot. It makes runs. But I think the pitch and conditions in Sri Lanka were different. There were runs. There were fewer options. He said he could not rely too much on sweep shots. Root would play his 100th Test match of his career on Friday.

The captain said, there will be a little bounce here and the balls will not be too much turn, so it will be more dangerous to play such shots here. I have developed various ways to score runs. I think it’s a part of batting. We try to implement our strategies to make runs. But it will be a big challenge. I have figured out different ways to make runs.

Root said that he would carry the innings ball by ball and not with any pre-plan. The captain also said that he has learned to play sweep shot from an early age. The 30-year-old Root said, “It took me a long time to develop and develop physically. So I had to find a way to get the ball out of the square, especially against the spinners. The sweep shot was the shot that I really enjoyed the most. Could play with more power. “


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