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Coches eléctricos España

The main obstacle to increasing the sales of electric vehicles is the price. People share the goal of reducing carbon emissions to breathe cleaner air. But when it comes to abandoning the traditional fossil fuel-powered car to switch to an electric vehicle, the numbers don’t always add up, and the ecological momentum slows.

In this context marked by “I want but I can’t” from buyers, companies dedicated to the production of electric cars are fighting to prevail.

What are the cheapest electric cars on the Spanish market?

The observation of the offers of electric cars in Spain and around the world shows that manufacturers focus on high-end vehicles or vehicles close to them. This market segment is the main source of profit for manufacturers and sellers.

However inexpensive electric cars are starting to be seen as an interesting area of ​​the emerging market. which must be overcome.

In the Spanish market, three models of electric cars from different brands stand out, attracting the attention of potential buyers. They are superior to others in price. In addition, in the opinion of consumers, brands are a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

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These three models are as follows:

Dacia Spring

The Dacia Spring is the most economical electric car on the market. It is a basic car, good for urban use. This is a very interesting option for people who need to move every day to work, manage, and take their children to school.

It has very low consumption. It has a 26.8 kW battery that allows a range of up to 230 km in the mixed cycle and 305 km in the urban WLTP cycle. In addition, it integrates energy recovery technology during braking, which automatically recharges the battery.

The price is 19,590 euros, which becomes €12,590 on the MOVES III Plan, assistance for the purchase of electricity. This plan aims to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles as a stimulus to electric mobility to reduce the carbon footprint.

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Renault Twingo E-Tech electric

With a marked presence in the electric car market, Renault maintains the Twingo E-Tech as an attractive option in terms of price, aesthetics, and technical characteristics.

It is presented as an urban vehicle, ideal for traveling and parking comfortably in the midst of heavy traffic in cities. It is described as a comfortable and easy-to-drive vehicle with braking systems that allow energy recovery.

With a range of 190 kilometers in combined use that reaches 270 in urban use and 81 HP of power, it also works efficiently on the road, so it is a versatile vehicle that fits all needs.

The electric Renault Twingo E-Tech is offered in two versions, which differ in equipment. The company price of the car is 24,501 euros, which, with the help of the MOVES Plan, remains at 17,500.

Peugeot e-208

The launch of a new model of Peugeot e-208 on the market caused the old model to be sold at competitive prices.

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What are the e-208 parts in stock?

Its modern look and agile driving with a compact multifunction steering wheel typical of electric cars are notable features that drivers appreciate.

With a 100% charged battery, it can travel up to 340 km with a power of 136 HP. It has an efficient gearbox with quick changes.

Interesting information for those looking for an electric car: This stock Peugeot e-209 model is on the register of recipients of assistance from the MOVES III Plan funded by the European Union.

There is still stock of the previous e-208, which, according to the brand’s website, sells for 29,600 euros. With the contribution obtained through this plan, the stock Peugeot e-208 can be purchased by paying 22,000 euros. An option to consider.

These three models of electric cars are not the only ones offered in the Spanish market; they lead the ranking in terms of price.