They arrested the former operator of Jessica Blancas, former Secretary of Finance in Hidalgo

They arrested the former operator of Jessica Blancas, former Secretary of Finance in Hidalgo

For the alleged crime of peculation the Investigative Police Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office caught Veronica VBwho holds the position of Financial Planning Coordinator in the six-year term of Omar Fayad, whose direct boss is Jessica Blancas Hidalgo. In the current administration, the woman who is currently detained remains in the same position within the Ministry of Finance.

According to the National Detention Registry, Veronica VB officially close to Jessica Blancas former head of feeswas arrested in Pachuca, in the neighborhood of Periodistas, when he left his workplace in the offices of Financial Planning Coordination.

The woman was made available to the Investigation Division Offices and was later transferred to the Social Rehabilitation Center (Ceres) in Pachuca Hidalgo, around 8:00 pm this Tuesday, October 31. Currently, it is still waiting to be presented before the control judge to explain its legal situation.

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According to unofficial information, the arrest is due to the investigation carried out by the unit in charge of the maximum process of Harmful Scam on the part of Office of the Attorney General of the State of Hidalgo.

Patrimonial declaration

Based on your asset declaration, Veronica VB occupying the financial coordination since the previous administration and remained there earning an average salary of 68 thousand pesos per month. He has a master’s degree in business administration from Hidalguense University Center (CUH).

Before entering the public administration, the woman worked as an agent of Inbursa. In the year 2022, he declared an income of 826,263 pesos. He also declared ownership of a small car and a house acquired with Infonavit credit.

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This arrest was added to the former head of the Office of the Mayor, Martiniano NN, as well as the former Undersecretary of Finance of the Secretariat of Public Education of the State of Hidalgo (SEPH), who were also accused of allegedly participating in the network of Harmful Scam which considers the diversion of resources through the state secretariat and a front company.