They ask that possible femicide or hate crimes be investigated

They ask that possible femicide or hate crimes be investigated

The Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (Movilh) confirmed that the person murdered in an apartment in Santiago early Monday morning was underage trans woman That’s why he demanded that the crime be investigated Femicide and/or hate crimes.

What did Movilh say about the victim?

According to the organization, the victim was identified as Soft had 16 years It was from Colombian nationality and arrived in Chile in May.

“With Kenya being a trans person, we are undoubtedly in the presence of one very vulnerable person“ Because, combined with the fact that she is under 18, a foreigner and in an increasingly xenophobic country, it is clear that she has been the object of cowardly abuse and hatred that seems safe,” he said.

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The company stated that this fact was “deserved.” maximum sanction and punishment and assess whether it is appropriate to classify the crime as Femicide or as hatred where the Zamudio law could be applied”.

He added that “no hypothesis can be ruled out a priori, particularly if complicating factors may be present.”

“Keny arrived in Chile only last May, in part in search of a country that would respect his gender identity (…) One way to mitigate the cruel outcome is to thoroughly investigate the incident and punish it with maximum penalties .” to those responsible and respecting their gender identity,” he said.

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What is known about the murder?

The attack occurred in an apartment in a building on Tucapel Jiménez Street, just blocks from La Moneda Palace and a Carabineros police station.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a party took place at the address where the victim is said to have been staying. According to him Prosecutor Fernando Garcia, The young woman was beaten and later died from a gunshot.

Subsequently, at around 6:42 a.m., as seen on the building’s surveillance cameras, five women and a man dragged Keny’s body until they left it at the door of the same compound in the middle of a public street and then fled.

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