They caught the man who killed two Colombian women with a knife in the US; They are mother and daughter

 They caught the man who killed two Colombian women with a knife in the US;  They are mother and daughter

After a major operation in the city of Tampa, United States, the authorities caught the alleged killer of two Colombian women, who died after being wounded several times using a sharp weapon in the North American country. One of the victims was identified as Alejandra Cabrejo, 32 years old, the other is her daughter, a minor under 15 years old, who has not yet been identified.

Jean Pierre Ojeda Salazar, 25, of Peruvian origin, was arrested on Monday, November 27, and Tampa Police expect to charge him with the crimes of first-degree and second-degree murder, and aggravated assault. -attack with a deadly weapon.

According to preliminary reports, Ojeda fled the crime scene in a white car, which he later abandoned in the middle of an alley, to take refuge inside a residence located in Maryland. , where he can be seen being detained by uniformed officers from the Montgomery Correctional Center. .waiting to be transferred to Tampa where he will be processed.

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It is also believed that the 25-year-old man attacked the two women after one of them, who was apparently his partner, decided to end their relationship a long time ago. The crime is supposed to have happened on November 25, while the 32-year-old woman asked him to leave her alone, while she was getting ready for work, and at that time he attacked her.

Her daughter heard the scream and looked into the room to see what was going on. Both were attacked and died on the way to the hospital. A friend of Ojeda informed the authorities and reported that the previous day, the mother had to spend the night at his house because this man had attempted to kill both of them.

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But the next morning, because his friend had to go to work, he went home to prepare to leave, and that’s when the attack happened that ended his life.

Now the family of Alejandra Ojeda is asking the authorities in Colombia and the United States, not only for justice for both of them, but also to help them get their bodies home.