They caught the man who stabbed a fan at Levi’s Stadium

They caught the man who stabbed a fan at Levi's Stadium - Dario Basta!

Santa Clara police arrested Alejandro García Villanueva for allegedly stabbing another Del Tri supporter at the game between Mexico and Qatar.

America. – a member of Sacramento and Santa Clara Police Alejandro Garcia-Villanueva of California was arrested today on suspicion of stabbing a fan named Emmanuel Diaz Leal at the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers stadium.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack was apprehended at his residence after a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge authorized an arrest and search warrant at his home.

“At 7:30 p.m., detectives from the Sacramento Police Department approached suspect Garcia-Villanueva in the 3300 block of 22nd Avenue in Sacramento. Suspect Garcia-Villanueva surrendered and was arrested without incident. Detectives also contacted suspect Garcia-Villanueva. SCPD police detectives executed a search warrant for suspect Garcia-Villanueva’s residence and found evidence, the police report said.

The victim said that as soon as he is released, he will appear before the police to identify the alleged assailant, whose face “I remember very well.”

“I want justice to be done because he tried to kill me, I think I was lucky or it was God’s grace so he didn’t kill me because if he had put me here I would not be alive.” said the fan who was attacked.

Diaz Leal, a 29-year-old native of the State of Mexico, lives in San Jose with a brother and works in construction. He tells that at this time he is feeling dizzy and it is happening due to the effect of the treatment going on in the hospital.

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The Mexican fan assured that he would seek legal aid as soon as he was reinstated. “What happened to me should not happen again to anyone in the stadium,” he said.

“He took out a knife and I wanted to take it off, but we fell and then he stuck it inside me, at the moment I didn’t realize how serious it was because I didn’t feel anything, but when I saw that on the shirt There was blood, I stopped and went to the benches, picked up a bottle of water and poured it over myself. I wanted to put on my shirt, but it didn’t cover me much, I was bleeding a lot. They check you there , I never thought someone would put a knife to me,” he said.

One of the attackers commented on what happened: “We started walking up and down the stairs, then a lot of people started throwing beer, they turned back and insulted us, I was in the front.” shared by Emmanuel’s friend Maximino Enriquez.

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Three days after being stabbed in the Mexico vs Qatar game at the Gold Cup, the Mexican fan who was stabbed remains in a stable condition in hospital awaiting medical discharge.


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