The list of terrorist organizations considered by Canada highlights the marked double standards with which Ottawa treats colonists and colonists, author and activist Yves Angler warned Tuesday.

While Palestinian groups are criminalized, Canada maintains close ties with the main Zionist terrorist organization in historical Palestine, Engler condemned on its website.

Canada sells weapons to the “Israeli military” and the armed forces of the two countries cooperate on many fronts, he said.

Furthermore, Canadian officials turn a blind eye to illegal enlistment in the Israeli military, while the Canada Revenue Agency takes a softer approach to registered charities that defy its rules by helping you financially, he stressed.

The author of at least 12 published books reported that the Israeli military is responsible for more violence than any Palestinian group, as measured by the number crippled or killed (and they do it in the name of the European Colonial Project).

However, the Israeli military is not on the list of terrorist organizations, he said.

The apartheid lobby in Canada, the journalist reported, is arguing that “Israel” could terrorize the 2.2 million Palestinians living in the open air because some organizations with limited means are listed as a terrorist group in Canada.

During previous Israeli terror operations in Gaza, the apartheid lobby justified “Israel’s” actions.
More than 10 percent of Canada’s terrorist list is made up of long-occupied land-based groups that represent a tenth of one percent of the world’s population, Angler argued.

He recalled that last Friday, Tel Aviv launched its latest wave of violence against besieged Gaza, during which 44 Palestinians, including 16 children, were killed in 72 hours.

He said more than 300 Palestinians were injured and many lost their homes, businesses or other property.

The children of Gaza, he insisted, were also psychologically stunned by the bombings and in another form of collective punishment, “Israel” had closed a 360-square-kilometer strip to the outside world.

According to The New York Times, “Israel” said its attacks were a preemptive effort to prevent an imminent attack on Israeli civilians.

Simply put, “Israel” decided to use violence wholly or in part with “political, religious, or ideological purpose, motive, or intent to intimidate the public”, which is the official definition of terror by which It is described. Set Canada.

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