They deported 33 immigrants to the Dominican Republic who were trying to enter Puerto Rico

They deported 33 immigrants to the Dominican Republic who were trying to enter Puerto Rico

The US Coast Guard in San Juan reported this Wednesday that it returned 33 migrants to the Dominican Republic after stopping a boat that was sinking near Mona Island, on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

According to officials, Coast Guardsmen in the San Juan Sector received multiple calls from Puerto Rico’s 911 emergency services operators.

Coast Guard watchdogs directed the dispatch of a Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Borinquen Air Station and diverted the ship to the Coast Guard Cutter Dependable.

Likewise, they informed Dominican Republic authorities who responded with the Dominican Republic Navy patrol ships Capella and Bellatrix and Dominican Republic Air Force aircraft.

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Additionally, monitors conducted an advanced group call to inform commercial ship traffic of the crisis situation and ongoing response.

The US-flagged commercial tug ‘Signet Intruder’ responded to the call and turned towards the search area.

At approximately 10:23 local time (14:23 GMT), a Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter detected a makeshift vessel.

The Coast Guard deployed its rescue swimmer, who confirmed the well-being of all passengers on board and said they were all wearing life jackets.

Shortly afterward, a Dominican Republic Navy ship arrived at the scene and safely boarded the migrants, who were flown back to the Dominican Republic.

“A spectacular effort by the crew on all fronts,” Lt. Benjamin Magnus, commander of the Coast Guard’s MH-60T aircraft responsible for the case, said in a statement.

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For his part, Coast Guard Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator Adam D. Johns highlighted that “the rapid response and effective coordination of all units of the Coast Guard and the Dominican Republic Navy led to the quick rescue. Some of the 33 people Found.” Aboard this makeshift boat”.

Johns concluded, “For anyone thinking about participating in an illegal migration trip, we cannot emphasize enough the dangers of these trips. Do not go to sea, it could save your life.”

Mona Island is located in the channel of the same name, which separates Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic and is a frequent migratory route.

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