“They Don't Look Alike”. They analyze the titanium of the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24 and find that Apple is of higher quality


On the other hand, South Koreans offer more resistant mobile phones in cheaper ways

The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has reached a new level since January. With the launch of the South Korean company’s new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S24, users already have the opportunity to choose between it and the iPhone 15, which Apple released in September. As stated by the companies, both have similar usage titanium In its high-end models. And, for this reason, a technology-savvy YouTuber wanted to analyze which of the two devices uses better materials for this component.

As can be seen in a recent publication jack nelson One of the guys responsible for the channel JerryRigEverything has tested the titanium of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro. In the first example, the results are shocking Since Nelson found one significant difference between the two: while Samsung has opted for “titanium” grade 2“, Apple has done the same with “grade 5”, one rank higher than South Koreans.

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Apple’s technology is more advanced

In general terms, the cost of grade 5 4 times more Compared to Grade 2, so primarily the materials on the iPhone 15 are of better quality than the Samsung Galaxy S24. However, Nelson wanted to go even deeper in his investigation and analyzed fusion technology Both companies applied to manufacture their own equipment. And, in this comparison, Apple is also in the lead, because it uses an advanced method that attaches the titanium strip to the internal frame; And Samsung, for its part, takes an approach that injects plastic between the aluminum and titanium to fix the two metals together.

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Thus, Nelson assures that Apple’s method is not only more advanced, but also the quality of its materials is better: unlike Grade 2, Grade 5 is an alloy of titanium, aluminum and vanadium. Thanks for this, it’s more durable this resistant Compared to Samsung alternatives. Finally, he specified that the South Korean firm allocates between 3 this 5 dollars For titanium, a figure that equals 10 hey 15 dollars In the case of Americans. Still, despite the drop in quality when it comes to titanium, the S24 Ultra is one of the most wear-resistant phones on the market.


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