“They don’t need to play in national teams”

Neymar was injured against Uruguay in Montevideo.

The injury of Brazilian star Neymar Junior has created all kinds of reactions in the world of football in favor of his health. The player, who plays for Al Hilal in Arabia, suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee, something that will keep him out of the field for about six or eight months.

Neymar Was Injured Against Uruguay In Montevideo.

Neymar was injured against Uruguay in Montevideo. | Photo: REUTERS

Napoli’s controversial proposal

As a result of Neymar’s injury, the president of Napoli took the opportunity to stir up controversy and criticized the obligation established by FIFA to release players called up by their national teams.

“32-year-old players should not play for national teams. The club should have the option not to loan players or not send them to friends. “If I pay 50 million and he comes back injured … Think of Neymar,” he said.

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De Laurentis confirmed it with arguments, because the Napoli team is under 32 years old. The only ones above this range are Juan Jesús, who has not featured in a call-up for his national team since 2014, and Portuguese midfielder Mário Rui, who has not played for his country since September 2022.

If this proposal is examined, the Colombian National Team will be greatly affected, because during Lorenzo’s time, the combination of experience and youth has been part of the process.

Players like Cuadrado (35 years old), James (32), Vargas (34) and others will not be called, all to avoid this type of injury.

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During Neymar'S Injury.

During Neymar’s injury. | Image: Getty Images

It adds another difficult challenge, which is against Argentina in Córdoba.

Programming dates 5 and 6

Bolivia vs. Peru – 3:00 pm

Venezuela vs. Ecuador – 5:00 pm

Colombia vs Brazil – 7:00 pm

Argentina vs. Uruguay – 7:00 pm

Chile vs. Paraguay – 7:30 pm

Paraguay vs. Colombia – 6:00 pm

Ecuador vs. Chile – 6:30 pm

Uruguay vs. Bolivia – 6:30 pm

Brazil vs. Argentina – 7:30 p.m

Peru vs. Venezuela – 9:00 pm

Neymsar Came Out Crying After Injuring His Knee.

Brazil’s Neymar left in tears, after suffering a serious knee injury, in the duel against Uruguay in the 2026 South American Qualifiers. | Photo: AFP

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