They fell in love, got married and had 2 kids but 15 years later they had a terrible revelation

He had a happy life in Great Britain, where he enjoyed a decent economic life. However, everything collapsed in an instant when a terrible episode from the past took hold of them.

She met him and immediately liked him. He, who was an immigrant, was full of dreams and energy. They started dating and later got married. be happy for 15 years, Everything collapsed until one day, and in an instant the happiness diminished. Now life is dark.

That dark day was just a few weeks ago. for the protagonist, Elge, who is 37 years old and from BritainHer life was turned upside down after she opened the door of the house that morning, she shares with her husband, Viadotus Missiulis, and the couple’s two children.

It so happens that the doorbell, which rang loudly, was being rang by a man, who was accompanied by four police officers. They went there to take Missilis to the police station For a traffic ticket loan case.

It was something simple, the man believed, but suddenly he found himself in a cell and officially detained a murder accused in his country, where he was Fugitive from justice for 15 years.

apparently Lithuanian man would have participated in the brutal murder In the band of a man named Robert Kaygorodtsev, who was 25 years old. Then when the police identified him, Missulis left the country and settled in Britain.

,i didn’t know anything about it, The police had come a few weeks ago to say that they wanted him for a parking ticket and that bus. Next thing I knew, I was under arrest and in a cell,” she explained. mail online devastated wife.

According to the indictment, at the time of murder, Missiulis was a member of a gang called the Hawks.Which spread panic in the city of Siauliya, located about 160 km north of the capital. Which one,

Reports at the time suggested that the victim had come to the aid of another man who was being attacked by the Missilis, but later by the Missilis and several other gang members. They ran over it.

the victim repeated kicks and punches And a few days later he died in the hospital from his injuries.

The man was arrested and extradited to his country of origin, where he now awaits trial.

The man was arrested and extradited to his country of origin, where he now awaits trial.

Although Missiulis and nine others were identified and charged, Missiulis fled to Britain. before he could appear in court.

other gang members He was sentenced to between three and 12 years in prison.,

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian authorities regularly issued requests for information about Missiulis, who also Was included in the Red List of Interpol.

but man”used false documents To obtain a Lithuanian passport in the name of Donatas Soblevicius, who initially lived in Lincolnshire before moving to Kent, which has a large number of Lithuanian immigrants,” the investigators said.

Without disclosing details of his past, he was able to mingle and live quietly in Britain, without anyone knowing about his past, even attending academic courses And met his unsuspecting future wife Alge.

On his LinkedIn page, the suspect describes how he attended Siauliai University between 2003 and 2006, where he studied electronics. Then there’s a four-year gap in 2010 when he says he attended the University of East London and took a civil engineering course for three years.

Company House records show that the suspect had a business in Lincolnshire, which was later dissolved. Later formed a manufacturing company called Gildan In 2012, he was running the business from his four-bedroom home, which was valued at approximately $600,000.

Surveillance, Arrest and Extradition

But last month, it was launched after British police received information that Missiulis was living in Kent. a surveillance campaign around his house, and local people were shown a picture of him and asked to confirm where he lived.

“The police were asking everyone on the street about Donatas and they had a picture of him. He said wanted him for traffic violationBut it all seemed a bit much just for the speeding ticket,” said a local resident.

They even called his house in search of him, and his wife thought they were fraudsters and asked them to leave. they told him it was about the parking ticketBut she did not believe that they were real policemen.

The man was eventually arrested and brought before a court. But although at first he denied any connection to the murder, he later admitted that it was him and was extradited to Lithuaniawhere he now awaits trial.

“It’s too much for me. I have my mother to help me fix things and take care of the kids. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t know about it,” the woman told reporters. ,

Neighbors also reacted with surprise and surprise. “Wow! I didn’t know anything. he seemed such a nice and friendly man, He was always happy and cheerful and used to say hello. His wife and two kids are lovely,” said a neighbor.

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