They filtered a photo of 19 year old Kaiju in which she resembles Belinda

They filtered a photo of 19 year old Kaiju in which she resembles Belinda

Although everything was pointing towards this Kajju and Christian Nodal He left behind the controversy over his sudden romance, which is his most recent success belinda Criticism of the duet and comparisons between the singers were brought back. As it happened with the leaked photos denim argentina When she was 19, as she claims, she bears a striking resemblance to the actress, who once wore the exact same pink look.

Does she look exactly like Belinda?

Although the so-called “netatrap” has a unique style marked by dark colors, the Soy Carmín portal leaked photos of the singer when she was 19 years old, with which she shows that she is not afraid to experiment with the best trends. Is. What caught fans’ attention is the striking resemblance of Christian Nodal’s girlfriend to the “Sapito” singer in the photos.

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More images quickly emerged in which you can see that at some point both singers wore the same pink look for their hair. While Belinda showed a radical change with short hair, the sound of “Turra” opted for a more colorful tone, far from her characteristic, but without abandoning her casual style.

This is what Kajju said about Belinda

Juliet Emilia Cazzucchelli, as that is the singer’s first name, stayed away from the controversy that arose from the separation of Belinda and Christian Nodal. He even expressed his full admiration for the singer and recognized her talent, ensuring that at some point he would follow her career closely.

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Kaiju said of the things said about the two of them, “A lot of them are filled with a lot of malice,” adding: “He’s an incredible artist, his career is much longer and bigger than mine. “I Grew up listening to his music, I have a lot of respect for him, I love his music and his choreography, people can say a lot, but I value his art a lot, I have a lot of respect for him Is.”


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