They found a solar system with 6 planets perfectly synchronized: “It survived intact” | Science and Technology

 They found a solar system with 6 planets perfectly synchronized:

The 6 planets located in the solar system of the star HD 110067 orbit in a phenomenon known as a “resonance chain.”

Astrophysicists from the University of Chicago have made an amazing discovery, it is a solar system with 6 perfectly synchronized planets in the Milky Way.

The planets in this neighboring system They are orbiting the star HD 110067 and a strange phenomenon known as a “resonance chain” is occurring in its orbit. which surprised the scientists.

Furthermore, the existence of this phenomenon in the orbits of the planets of HD 110067 allows us to conclude that the solar system has existed undisturbed for a long time. In other words, it’s stable.

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“We believe in that only about 1% of all systems remain in resonance” The astrophysicist Rafael Luque from the University of Chicago explained to Science Alert. “It shows us the pure configuration of a planetary system that survived without,” he added.

A solar system with 6 planets perfectly synchronized?

But what is a resonance chain? It will happen when two bodies orbiting a third influence each other by its gravitational forces.

For example, in our solar system, Neptune and Pluto are in resonance because Pluto completes two revolutions around the Sun for every 3 that Neptune does. then it becomes a 2:3 resonance, a short chain.

but In the case of HD 110067, the resonance chain includes all 6 planets. According to the media, its orbital periods, from closest to its star: 9.11 days, 13.67 days, 20.52 days, 30.79 days, 41.06 days and 54.77 days.

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This means that exoplanet pairs are in resonances of 3:2, 3:2, 3:2, 4:3 and 4:3; and the one closest to the star completes 6 orbits for each orbit of the outermost.

The star HD 110067, which is an orange dwarf, and its 6 exoplanets, found by NASA’s TESS exoplanet hunting telescope in the constellation Coma Berenices more than 600 light years away, and would be the third known solar system with six planets in resonance.

The full findings are published in the journal Nature.