They generate energy in the ground and can also be placed in buildings


New arrivals in the market wind generator Which generate energy even at ground level. they are mini-wind turbines Air capable of producing energy in urban environments. They come in small pieces, but they are very efficient. They perfectly live up to the popular saying, “The best fragrances come in small bottles.” This is the latest in wind technology! To understand its format, we have to put aside the idea of ​​a giant windmill and reduce it to a compact grid-shaped box. Its shape is more like a honeycomb than that of the larger mills and their massive structures.

This is the basis of the design of Catrick Technologies, an innovation that leaves Generator Traditional, both in its aesthetics and its functionality. They harness the energy of the wind through an oscillating aerodynamic profile that rotates around the driver. Through this action, they capture wind energy from gusts and low-level turbulence. Their movement makes it possible to react rapidly to instantaneous changes in wind speed under wind conditions at ground level.

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If we compare this technology to high-altitude turbines, this is a very strong change. In this case, mini wind turbines are used even in urban areas without causing significant changes to the environment, as is the case with windmills.

Two important points of the new wind generator

A new wind generator They have two main characteristics:

  • This is a separate channeling mechanism. It proposes a channeling duct that moves more air towards the rotor, thereby increasing its speed as well as its power output.
  • Hexagonal shape of each panel. Each piece is independent from the other, allowing both storage and wind energy to be collected into the small bag.

What are the new mini-wind turbines like?

The model is flexible and scalable. These can be installed in a variety of urban structures: on the roofs of houses or even at ground level—a revolution for wind technology.

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This prototype exceeded all expectations in tests at the University of Strathclyde. It produced an average of 41.1 watts (W) of mechanical power at a wind speed of just 10.2 meters per second (m/s). It was predicted that its output would be between 25 and 40 W at 12 m/s. On the other hand, the average efficiency was recorded at 6.85%, a figure even higher than the design objective.

“This is not just a technological advancement. It symbolizes a shift towards a more sustainable future. With its unique design and promising results, this technology has the potential to significantly transform the renewable energy landscape, offering a viable and efficient solution for clean energy generation even in urban environments,” the company explains. Catrick Technologies,

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New wind generators are an achievement that promises a prosperous future for birds

The company won the award start-up In Barclays Entrepreneur Awards, the Energy Innovation Award, and the National Sustainability Award 2023, It has been included in the top 25 tech-round 100. Should be considered an emerging company. A milestone for the corporation that makes it clear that it is on the right track with such projects.

Likewise, the safety and stability of the design deserve special mention. their little shovels aerofoil. They move slower than the hive structure. They pose less risk to birds flying near conventional turbines, which is an advantage for citizens concerned about optimal care of the environment.

Due to their non-intrusive design, small size and low environmental impact, the new wind generator They receive only praise and may mark the beginning of a new era of stability.


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