They have created a new tool to improve vehicle flow and road safety in Chile

Crean nuevo dispositivo para mejorar el flujo vehicular y la seguridad vial en Chile

Applying technology to provide intelligence to govern cities and improve the quality of life of their residents is a reality in European and Asian smart cities. However, with progress in Brazil and a few exceptions in specific areas of other neighboring cities, it is still an aspiration in the region.

As the first quarter of the 21st century approaches, efficient and sustainable urban environments are rare in neighborhoods and the implementation of superintelligence can help promote it.

Chile in particular has faced the problem of significantly increasing its vehicle fleet. The number of vehicles is experiencing a steady increase, doubling from 3.2 to 6.1 million units between 2010 and 2018.
And in 2022, the country has responded with the construction of urban highways, road expansion, development of new infrastructure, renewal of taxi, bus and bus fleets, as well as the modernization and creation of integrated public transportation systems.

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In response to this urgent need, Otter, a Chilean company specializing in the production and marketing of engineering services and products for traffic control, has developed the A6 controller, a device that “Brain” It is believed; A traffic light and which includes all the intelligence, safety and timing of signalized intersections.

“We hope this type of infrastructure will help us improve and make day-to-day life more bearable. Our industry has evolved rapidly in recent years and today we are in a position to add value to the offer. A6 like evolution
“They serve their original purpose of safely regulating the flow of vehicles and at the same time add other functions, including functions for the elderly, pet care,” explains Otter.

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The A6 is currently in the approval stage by the Traffic Control Operational Unit (UOCT), meaning this new controller will be operational in the coming months.

Innovative DNA

Although the technology has been developing for 40 years, traffic light systems remain largely unknown and distant to the millions of citizens who drive by every day.

“The traffic light is the only thing people see when they walk, but behind its operation is a highly developed interconnected system that is controlled and adapted according to the pulse of the city,” says Rodrigo Espinoza, the company’s general manager.

The executive explains that its most recent development, the A6 will provide state-of-the-art hardware and software, which will open up many new ideas such as the implementation of artificial intelligence and cameras, in addition to the DIMAC communication unit. Traffic lights have high definition connectivity through fiber optics, helping to detect traffic accidents and thus promoting continuous improvement in road safety.

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Another possible function is the technological ability to give older adults longer differentiated traffic light times through RFID bracelets (which contain a chip that transmits information wirelessly) and thus provide them with greater safety and security when crossing the road. Get less stress.

This advancement can also be applied to pets, since if one of them gets lost, the device will allow to trace the exact location of the animal when close to the road.


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