They imposed prison sentences on Cubans for millionaire tax evasion

They imposed prison sentences on Cubans for millionaire tax evasion

Prison sentences were imposed on two citizens of Santa Clara, Cuba, for tax evasion. The amount defrauded exceeded six million Cuban pesos. The sentences were published on the Facebook profile of the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) of the aforementioned municipality.

ONAT did not disclose the identities of the two accused, or the activities they engaged in. However, it happened that one of them was imprisoned for three years for defrauding $4,978,429.71 CUP.

Meanwhile, another person guilty of tax evasion must serve four years in prison for evading the payment of $1,110,534.51 CUP. As if that was not enough, the latter was obliged to “repair” the material damage caused by paying $1,000,270.64 CUP.

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ONAT in Santa Clara also announced that from January to October of this year, six complaints were filed with the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office. Many citizens are accused of tax evasion.

The amount defrauded amounted to $11,011,959.08 CUP. In all cases, those involved in crimes of this nature have been charged and punished in accordance with the established law.

Traveling with debt is prohibited

A year ago, Cuba restricted the exit of people with large ONAT debts. The tax authorities forbade leaving the Island until the debts of the State were settled.

To achieve this goal, ONAT signed an agreement with the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Foreigners (DIIE) of the Ministry of the Interior. Every step taken in this sense is protected by Law No.113 on the Tax System.

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The rule empowers ONAT to impose penalties on taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes.

This includes everything from surcharges and fines, to other non-pecuniary measures such as confiscation of bank accounts, closure of establishments and withdrawal of tax incentives.

A clear example of Cuba’s actions against people who commit tax evasion is what happened last October. The government prevented a taxpayer from Sancti Spíritus who owed nine million pesos in taxes from leaving the country.